A new year and a new start

Hi friends – both known and new.  Well I’m making the plunge back into writing and blogging. For those who have followed my blog I’ve moved it from blogger to word press to join some precious friends and to get a fresh start.

I’ve been feeling the call to pick up my pen (or pound on my keyboard really) for some time now. I’ve let life and work and scheduling come in the way of this passion. In true form of a new year, I’m letting myself off the hook so I can start afresh.

So … welcome to Mighty Inspiration. It is not only the title of my book but my quest in life.

For those who don’t know me – my name is Barbara Bernard Miller, author of MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a Christian, an author and a Purveyor of Positive Change! I believe that we are all miraculous beings of light and love. We have the power to create or destroy with our words, thoughts and deeds. This page is simply my expression of hope for positive change and I invite you to join me by adding your comments, your posts, your pictures and vidoes – whatever message of positivity that you want to share. Together we can change the world, one positive message at a time. Be Inspired & Be blessed!

One thought on “A new year and a new start

  1. Welcome to the world of WordPress. Yay!! I’ve signed up for immediate notification of your posts by email. So looking forward to your inspiring words.
    With Love, Lynette

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