Girl Talk

I just love days like today. Typically they come around from time to time with my daughter who is very close to me but racing quickly to her independence. Right now she’s off galavanting and learning in her fashion design co-op job in NYC for the quarter. She’s not here to chat with and I had my heart appropriately on hold for her hiatus. I miss her … alot. And I’m thrilled for her opportunities and the zest with which she is taking advantage of them. She knows who she is, we all do and she’s off becoming that woman.

But today I got a gift – a true and precious surprise gift. My son’s fiance was around today. She’s a perfectly sweet, quiet, smart girl. I’ve had passing conversations with her over holiday meals or the occasional quick exchange while she’s in town between school sessions. I like her. She’s good for my son and I believe he’s good for her too. And today I feel like I got a chance to get to know her.  Just Becca and me.

While my son was at work and not monopolizing her attention I got to sit down, have a meal, watch a movie and partake in some honest to goodness girl talk. It wasn’t planned which is why it was a surprise. It felt easy and I’m grateful for that. We talked about what she studies and what she wants to do for her career. We talked about the craziness of college life and work and how she feels (and we agree) about some of the drama going on with some friends. We laughed, brainstormed, commiserated about and complimented that boy (oops, man) we share. We got to talk about wedding dresses and fun stuff like that. Yep. I like her. And growing more and more – I love her.

Thanks Becca – I feel blessed for the bit of girl talk.

Be blessed too!

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