God came to lunch today!

I had a most unexpected and gratifying experience today. While having a lunch meeting with a colleague the subject turned briefly to common work friends, and work decisions and ironically, to my book. I’m now growing accustomed to this happening from time to time. As usual, when he asked, I gave a short answer that it was a book chronicling a spiritual experience I had. I’m always conscious of the “line” between speaking my truth and delving into a topic that could make someone else uncomfortable in the workplace. Then we breezily moved on. That’s normal. Then we talked business – yep that’s normal too. Slowly he danced his way back into asking about how I wrote and what I wrote. He was curious. Okay, that’s normal.

Then suddenly, without a blink or a turn signal, it happened. It sounds cheesy but it was like in the movies when the lights go down around and there’s just this spotlight on two people engrossed in  meaningful conversation. There was no cafeteria. The other diners faded into the distance … and God came to lunch. I could feel it. I knew this moment was a powerful one. We had a verbal dance from one topic to another. There was no preaching. There was no religion. Just connection and wonder and questions. How do you hear God? Has he come to you in other ways? Do you get messages? Can I tell you about my wife. And I know people who feel things – like my mother who “felt” when a family member was dying 200 miles away. The conversation swirled and twirled and I sensed it was bigger than just the two of us – it was somehow complete.

This man, who I had only known a few short months, who came from a land across the sea, was sitting here now, making a deep and spiritual connection. In that moment we were kindred spirits with no hierarchy, no cultural difference, no language barrier, no time constraint – just Spirit. There was a heat, an energy and a light that emanated briefly from our table and then – fade to black. And as the moment passed and the cafeteria came back into view, I knew, on this day, with this person, the universal truth of connection had come to life.

I have been blessed … be blessed too!


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