I’m a “corner” girl

I realize that there are kindred spirits out there who know exactly what I’m talking about. But for all the others who are now worried about my virtue – I’m not talking about “the corner”! I’m talking about brownies and I’m a definite corner girl! I saw a commercial for this pan and I think I NEED to have one.

It’s a running joke with my family but in reality, my love of corners makes our cherished family brownie time run peacefully. There’s balance, fairness and all is right in the world. I get the corners and chewy edges and all the softies in the family run with the middles. There’s plenty for everyone and no-one starts any chocolate wars. (Trust me – nobody wants a chocolate war in a family full of girls.)

My mom has her own baking business called “Sweets from Scratch.” She sells her yummy treats at vendor shows, markets and through special orders.  She’s found that I’m not the only person who lives with this malady. Without fail she gets requests for corners at the market. She’s taken to bagging them up specially for those of us who suffer in this way. She’s so thoughtful, my mom. BUT – by the time I get there they are usually all gone.  Thank’s alot Mom – way to go and advertise it! I’ve learned that this girl has to make a special order just to get corners from her mom these days!

So for all you who don’t like edges – I say, yay, more for me! For those who do, I call dibs. Next chance you get, relax a little. Bake a batch and hey, save me a corner would ya?

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