Inspirational Women – original poem

Today I’ve been thinking about alot of women in my life who uplift and inspire me. I’m blessed to know so many who find joy in empowering others vs. competing with them. Then I remembered a poem that I wrote a few years back for a women’s network event I was helping to plan. I found the poem and it still rings true so I’m sharing it with you to celebrate the strong and inspirational women in your life.

Be blessed!


 I stand back and watch as you move through the rhythms of life.

You are strong but not with malice and force.

You are creative, bringing life in your actions and words.

Alone you sparkle with talent and drive.

You are every facet of what a woman is.

The music of life changes and swirls and joins us together.

We encircle each other as partners, support, and sisters in the dance of life.

Encouraging each other, we find it renews our spirits.

We are every facet of what a community is.

As powerful, inspirational women, we make success a possibility.

As your greatness shines, it reflects on mine and bounces to another.

Shoulder to shoulder we can create light where nothing now exists.

Together to build, edify, share, mentor, guide, grow, advance,

And WIN!

 By: Barbara Bernard Miller (2008)

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Women – original poem

    • Thanks Uta – I used to write poetry so much when I was young but now it’s just an occasional inspiration. I do enjoy the blogging process. Take care and be blessed! ~ Barb

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