Remembering Landon’s Daddy

Today I saw this picture and brief note on Facebook. I have to say it stopped me in my tracks and I feel compelled to speak about it:

 “Meet Landon. His father, Marine LCPL Carpenter, gave his life defending our country in Afghanistan

earlier this year, a month before his son was born.  Baby Landon’s Mom wants his story to be known.

Take a moment to share this photo with your friends and reflect on the price of freedom.

 Never forget the price of freedom.”

I don’t know Landon or his parents but I know the sadness that this image creates. As an American I am saddened by the memory of what started us down a path of war. The senseless killing of so many, many innocent people on that solemn day in 2001 has changed the world and a generation.

I am also deeply saddened by the loss of life that has commenced throughout the wars – both Iraq and Afghanistan. And frankly in a myriad of other places in the world where it might not be our men and women but people we don’t know. Families have suddenly lost fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, lovers and friends. I don’t condone the war – it makes my heart hurt to think about it. But I do support the troops. And their families. They fight so I don’t have to and I am eternally, and without words to explain, grateful.

I pray that this little child has the blessing of a strong man in his life to show him the way to manhood. I pray that his mother can find peace and solace in the arms of family. I pray that we never, ever forget the sacrifice his father made.

And I pray for us, as a society, to find a way to live without the need or desire to kill for the love of politics, religion, land, money, greed or power.

We cannot bring Landon’s daddy home but we can change this world through love, acceptance, and peace.

… If only we would.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Landon’s Daddy

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  2. So touching. This truly rips your heart out! I pray for the family to have unmeasurable strength and to always keep his memory alive, for the sake of Landon. My mother kept my father’s memory alive to me, by talking about him often and my children and I discuss their father constantly, sharing funny stories and reminding each other of things we may have forgotten. …Long live their legacies.

    I love the boots. The sole of the path he took in life. I was told I did not want my husband’s boots after he was killed, due to blood on them. I now have his boots!

    Sweet beautiful little Landon… I will add him to my prayer list. The picture conveys his lifetime in a flash. I try not to cry for him, but pray.

    • Christine,
      I join you in praying for Landon and also for you and your family. There are never enough words of solace or gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of our service men and women. But I offer you my deep appreciation any way. May you and your family be blessed!

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