Consignment treasure

I recently found a new treasure in the heart of downtown Covington, Ky. I was visiting there for a wedding in December and had to kill a bit of time between the ceremony and reception. I haven’t really checked out that area in many years. So in my meanderings I came across a consignment shop. When I walked in I could smell the aroma of the season with some candles burning and sweet vignettes set out around the store. I was immediately taken to a place of nostalgia. There were items to catch the eye and the heart all around.

And that’s when it happened – I turned the corner and there IT was. I have been looking for a beautiful buffet for my dining room for about 5 years now. Oh I’ve checked furniture stores and antique stores and even the occasional fantasy on ebay, to no avail. Now, here in the middle of a little local business it sat in all it’s glory.

Being new to consignment shops I had to learn the ropes. As weeks pass they drop the price dramatically from 25% to 50% and as luck would have it on any “wacky Wednesday” they take another 20% off whatever they sell that day. Ahhhh, this was music to my ears. As an avid bargain shopper I was now in my element. So with much trepidation I left my treasure there to make it’s trip down discount lane. Each weak I feared that MY buffet would get swept up by another bargain lover. But when the price fell to rock bottom and Wacky Wednesday rolled around I made the call. There were 3 people in the store looking at it when I called but the owner knew I had been waiting to scoop it up – I was not to be undone! My patience had been tested and I succeeded in conquering my spontaneous nature. So I bought the piece on the phone. I had merely to wait 3 days for the delivery guys to have a chance to bring it my way.

I have to admit, in my dining room it looks even more beautiful than I had imagined. It is deep and sturdy with carved flowers and scallops. It even has my favorite – ball and clawfoot legs. It looks like it was made to go there and coordinates beautifully with my large curio cabinet and the two antique chairs that I got from my Aunt. Now this year, when it’s time to bring out my treasured nativity scene I will have the perfect treasure to display it on. My most cherished Christmas item has found a home!

Now, all I need is the perfect picture or mirror to go above. I think I might go shopping. Join me?

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