Just do “You”

Just do “You” better than anything else. Yes, that may seem like a strange and random sentence but it’s really not. So often we choose who we will be and what we will do minute-by-minute based on the prying eyes of others. Real or imagined we decide there will be judgments made and we hesitate. In our eagerness to belong or to be seen favorably we abandon our instincts and do what others want. Or we assume we have to justify our choices and well, it’s just easier to do what is expected.  I’m guilty of this occasionally but not very often. Age and maturity have helped me with this. But I see it a lot when I step back and observe others.

I saw this come to life last night even in the program American Idol (yes, I like to hear the people sing!). One contestant was swayed by his mentors to change his song choice. They “knew” exactly what he should do and why. At no time did they seem to consider why he had picked the song he did. They just steered him toward what they wanted. And he sang their choice. He said he practiced and practiced and got “okay with it.” He did just fine but there wasn’t a spark in his spirit or passion in his words. He sure didn’t seem like the same person we’ve seen week after week on this journey. He just sang it. And the judges and audience could see it. I felt a bit sorry for him because he wanted to do the right thing inside this awesome opportunity. He wasn’t being himself and it didn’t serve him.

Then a couple of singers later there was the same thing – the mentors had tried to dissuade one contestant from singing her song choice. They had her listen to a whole host of other options. But in the end she stuck with her gut. She wound up singing a song that none of the judges even recognized but she nailed it. Her conviction and her passion shone through. She had the audience rocking and singing with her. She was being herself and she showed it to the world. The tenor and reactions from all in the room were completely different for this singer.

Are you singing someone else’s song choice? Do you have a nagging feeling inside of you that something just seems off? Are you distracted by the “glittery, sparkly, delightful” allure of another choice? Do not hesitate. Stand firm and go for what YOU choose. In the end, those around you may not make the same choice but they will be able to see and feel that you are being the best YOU there is.

Be you and be blessed!

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