Dreams and Intuition

I am a dreamer. Hmm, let me restate that – I am a prolific dreamer. I am one of those people who wakes up and often remembers in great detail what I have dreamed. Sometimes several are smooshed together and sometimes I clearly know where the line of one dream ended and another one started. I also dream in all senses, including living color. I’ve had some dreams that are so profound that I know the meaning and the context and can remember them with great detail even years later. Those dreams I don’t think of as fanciful trips of the unconscious. Those are more like memories.

Last night I had several very vivid dreams. One where I was faced with the reality that I was compelled to, with great danger and fear, attempt to save another person’s life. The last, and most vivid one was about family connections and intuition. The dream flowed from one part into another. At one point I was riding a bike home from downtown. It was dusk and I knew exactly where I was. And then, I was suddenly aware of my intuition to abandon my normal route. I took a right and then another right. I was drawn to turn into the driveway of a house I had never been to before. I stood looking at the door talking myself into the courage of knocking to find out who I was instinctively drawn to (yep, that’s something I would do in my waking state too). At that moment I heard my name and I looked over to see a cousin and her family whom I haven’t seen in years. I was standing at the stoop of her house. And in my dream I was suddenly aware of my dreaming and said to myself – this is exactly what I will blog about when I wake up. No I swear to you I am not making this up! I proceeded with the rest of the story that my unconscious mind needed me to know. I remember it so clearly.

Now I am awake and so here I am. I am writing about what I knew I would – dreaming and intuition.

Just like my dreaming, I have a strong intuition, perhaps cultivated by my boldness to follow it, which always makes it stronger. I believe that our intuition is actually our connection to spirit. Be it God, the Holy Spirit, our own spirit, our angels who guide our soul. Whatever you want to call it, it is a knowing that is outside the realm of what we “should” be able to know. That intuition doesn’t sleep and obviously is strong enough to speak to me in my dream. It is one of my most cherished characteristics, if I can call it that. What I also know is that it is different from my own “voice in my head”. It does not speak my judgments or opinion.

Inevitably my intuition pops in with new information. It doesn’t question or wonder; it declares something I don’t otherwise know or have never actually thought about. It has a physical manifestation too – I can “feel” my intuition as much as I” hear” it. Maybe hear is not the right word. It really is a new “knowing”. Sometimes it’s knowing that it is time to leave. Sometimes it’s knowing that a certain person has ill intent or a darkness of heart. Sometimes it’s knowing I will see someone out of the ordinary and then I do. Sometimes it’s knowing an innocuous piece of data that I ordinary wouldn’t notice is going to be important. Or knowing that someone far away is struggling with health, or emotions, or dying.

I’m not sure what you call it, but I am sure you have it – we all do. I’ve watched my kids when they were little and didn’t have a word for it but still they recognized it and relied on it. As adults I’m not sure if they still practice listening to it but I know they know how.

What about you? Do you dream, or hear, or know your intuition’s voice? Can you distinguish it from your own?

Be blessed!

17 thoughts on “Dreams and Intuition

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  2. Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? With thanks

    • Hi Gail – Thanks for the compliment. I actually use the standard free version of wordpress. Most of it is pretty simple to understand – point and click for picking themes, uploading pictures, widgets etc. I recommend you use the search button on the wordpress site to look up any areas if you get stuck. It took me just a couple hours of looking around to set mine up. I’m not a computer whiz in any way, just a basic user. There are alot of tutorials for wordpress which is one of the reasons I like them (I was on blogspot but I find this easier). Best of luck. Be blesseD!

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  4. Nice post about dreams . I like to trust that there is a certain knowing in the unknowing. perhaps that is my connection ,or alignment to spirit. thank you for the inspiring post .

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  6. Yes, yes, yes…I have had dreams which have actually happened later. I have “known” things in my waking hours which came true. And, I had a particular powerful, mind/heart/soul blowing expierience…amazingly beautiful. I will gladly share with you by phone Barb 🙂

      • It is truly an amazing story. I have only every heard of 1 other person who experienced same/almost identical happening and it was Joyce Meyer.

        PS. Here is a little vent…I am tired of having to login every time I want to make a comment on someone else’s blog or even my own. Support tells me to just keep signed in!!! These days that is not safe to stay “logged in” to any and all the internet sites that require a login. I am way behind as it is in reading all the bloggers i follow and I can’t take that much time to read everyone’s; and when I spend a little time then go away to do other things I log out!
        It didn’t use to be this way, but WP won’t admit that they did something to the system to require it. They say each blogger creates their own preferences and I don’t believe all my bloggers have gone into their system and did something to require login by each WP blogger reader!!!

        • I understand – I did check after you mentioned it the other day. While I didn’t originally pick that people had to log in when I created the blog it was selected. So I unselected it. Did you have to login to comment on mine? It shouldn’t require it.

          • Yes. It used to be that I/we didn’t have to login to comment or reply on another WP blogger or reply to a comment on our own blog. But if you are not signed in to WP no matter what you cannot comment or reply. I do not understand why they think we would want to STAY LOGGED IN 24/7 when it is not safe to do so!!!

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