Poetry in Motion – an open invitation

In my youth I was an active author of poetry. Full of teenaged angst I had much to say. Over the years I dabbled only upon occasion and wondered why I ever stopped. Recently the poetry bug is starting to bite again and I’ve created a few and shared them here on my blog. I’m having a good time creating again. And I’m enjoying connecting with other blogger poets.

So today I want to do something fun. I want to open my blog as a vehicle to highlight other poets, young or old, novice or professional.

You are invited to share a poem via the comment feature.  Here’s the simple “rules”:

1) Material must be of your own, original writing

2) Content cannot be offensive or x-rated (it’s not that kind of blog, afterall)

3) Style can be any that you choose

Join me here today in writing collaboration so we can all encourage and inspire the inner poet in each other. Be blessed!

8 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion – an open invitation

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  4. I started writing some poetry several years ago. Strangely they just came to me at different times. But it has been a couple years since any inspiration came to me for a poem. But I will gladly share one of my past pieces for you. This is one of my favorites…
    Star So Bright
    By Ann Marquette

    Oh most beautiful star
    In the sky tonight
    You are most bright

    I watch and wait
    With hand raised up
    Open and waiting

    Slowly, oh so slowly
    You move through
    The night sky

    You come closer
    As I watch and wait
    Hand outstretched

    Then ever so softly
    You come to rest
    In the palm of my hand

    You shine like a diamond
    Your brilliance
    Holds me in awe

    I could almost wish
    To hold you tight
    To keep you safe just for me

    In time, your light
    Would fade from sight
    You would die
    To me and to all

    So I let you stay
    As long as you wish
    With palm open
    So you may leave at will

    You will travel back
    To the night sky
    To shine brightly
    For all to see

    I will cherish
    The moments you gifted me
    With your light
    Specially for me
    For a little while…
    Star So Bright

    (c) All rights reserved

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