Mother’s Heart

Today my “mother’s heart” is full. There is something so profoundly grounding and healing when both of my children are under my roof again. My son, who is now working second shift and often 6-7 nights a week, is nearly never home when I am home. My daughter, in the middle of her college career, spends half the year out-of-state in co-op jobs. That leaves me and fluffy puppy in a quiet home.

I am actually fine with the quietude that settles upon the house when I am there alone. I have things to do that take my time and attention. Besides, I’ve paid my dues of running around with children’s activities, sports, homework, and school obligations. I am not sentimentally pining for those days to return. As they say … been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt, uniform, cookies, magazines …. But I digress.  Essentially, just as I would not want to return to my youth, I really do not long to return to their youth either.

That being said, there is a beautiful chaos and energy when the kidlings come home to the nest. Last night and this morning I can feel it and I sigh with satisfaction. I picked my daughter up from the airport and the energy started to build just in the catching up conversation. When her boyfriend came to see her it increased and I felt the satisfaction settling in. And, by surprise, my son got off work early and picked up his fiance and brought her over. There was no plan. There was no event. It was just the comforting rhythm of family pulsing through my home. I smile at the sound of  bare feet padding down the hallway as the kids come and go to the kitchen or bathroom. I bask in the familiar tasks of frying bacon, scrambling eggs, and even (don’t tell them) in picking up the dishes and clothes that inevitably follow the arrival of my kids.

Yes, my “mother’s heart” is full. I am blessed and I am happy. Be blessed too!

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Heart

  1. I guess a mother’s heart never forgets. Don’t you find it especially comforting to still be a part of their lives without the countless younger day running around? I think all is well with the world as a mother’s heart watches her children mature and are happy.

    This was an especially warm and fuzzy post. Thank you.

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