Blessed Syncronicity

I love how life works with its ebbing and flowing of energy and surprise connections. Almost every day I find evidence of blessed synchronicity.  I don’t believe in fate or luck bringing it to pass – that’s just plain old randomness. It happens way too often for it to be simple coincidence. In my humble opinion, there are no coincidences in life. But I do believe in the hand of God who weaves and guides the paths of people here and there to connect with another at just the right time for just the right reason. All the stars align beautifully.

Here’s a few examples from the top of my head:

> I was talking to one of my colleagues about an idea for a project. I wasn’t sure who to talk to in order to move to the next step. That very afternoon a different colleague was meeting with someone and introduced me. It turned out that person was the very one who had my answer. They were in my building for one reason and stopped by our cubicle just to say hi. It was uncanny – like I conjured them up with my questions. No lie – it was awesome!

> There are two Barb Millers where I work and we’re always getting each others emails and instant messages. Today it happened and it wasn’t the first time for this person. They quickly realized they had reached HR Barb and not R&D Barb. They laughed and we had a brief exchange of small talk. It turned out they are moving to Singapore and didn’t know anyone at all. I have 2 HR friends who are assigned there right now who are friendly and gracious people and was able to give them a connection. As it turned out – they really needed both Barb Millers and just didn’t know I could help them. Sweet!

> When I was dealing with owning 2 homes because the market had turned down I was having a dickens of a time selling my former home because buyers kept losing financing. Each month I struggled to make ends meet to pay both mortgages. And each month there was synchronicity in surprising forms. Once I received a refund for overpayment of insurance that I didn’t know had happened. Another time I got a refund from my annual escrow review. The examples go on and on, month after month. I know God made the money and the month match because I never missed a payment and I never had to sell everything I owned to make it work. Whew – that was BLESSED synchronicity!!

> When I had come to the end of my ability to pay 2 mortgages, a realtor acquaintance called me about a family who wanted to buy but couldn’t and they were interested in renting the house until they could fix their financing. They took over the mortgage payment the very week I would have had to miss a payment. What a beautiful and timely surprise!

These are just a few of the examples that were perfectly timed and divinely arranged. I bet if you examine your life you will see the blessed synchronicity as well. Do you have any good stories to share when the pieces of your puzzle suddenly came together?

Be blessed!

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