A New Day – original poem


With words of encouragement the dark clouds lift.

No longer standing on the edge of the cliff

I see the sun return to cover my path.

The fears that buzzed around my head are

Scattered by the gift of a conversation.

With the discovery of new information

And the realization of broken shackles,

What was once only a picture of despair

Has changed in a moment into a portrait of possibility.

Survival and sacrifice paved the past

Like a thick, dark carpet with a musty odor.

Now a turn in the path has revealed

Soft, fresh ground ready for planting.

With a dose of hard work to turn the soil and

A lavish spread of faith to fertilize the seed,

Old dreams can be cultivated once more.

No more neglecting the bleak view of the future.

New air and new life has brought a brighter day.

I round the corner and rush with anticipation

To enter the home and arms of my beloved hope.

All things are new and the change is

Wafting around me like a sweet perfume.

I have lived to see a new and brighter day.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

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