Power Off

At work we are observing Earth Week with a variety of activities. Our main focus is themed as “Power Off”. By turning off wasteful or energy hogging items we can reduce our usage and do our part to take care of Mother Earth.

That phrase “power off” immediately makes me look at other areas where conserving or eliminating energy might fare us well. Here’s just a few that quickly come to mind:

1) Judging ourselves as “less than.” Reality is – we are neither more than nor less that anyone else. Our journey is sprinkled with lessons to learn which includes a better understanding of what we can achieve if we choose to. We may make mistakes but they define the areas that need more attention or education. Some things we accept as gifts and others as opportunities. But none of it makes us “less than” in any way.

2) Only looking around the bend. This is sometimes the most difficult switch to “power off” because the line between dreams/goals and dissatisfaction is a fine line indeed. This is especially true if we compare what we have to what others have. We haven’t lived their trials so we surely can’t live their successes.  I’ve learned that gratitude for what I already have is the quickest way to attract more of what I want. When I spend energy to appreciate where I am, who I’m with, and what I have achieved, I actually build more energy to continue to create positivity. And that amplifies our energy. Switching off dissatisfaction actually gives us more.

3) Playing with temptation. Oh, the enticing call of that which is not in our best interests. Be it another handful of cookies (or candy, or chips …) or the short-sighted desire to live above our means or to follow the path to selfishness in any of its forms, is always a futile act of flirtation. We are flirting with regret and regression when we don’t flip the switch on this one. ‘Nuff said – we all know this is the hardest, most stuck of all things to “power off.” This is also the one area we do well to join forces and help each other. Lending a hand when a friend or loved one is falling toward their temptation may not be easy but it is always worthwhile.

These are just a glimpse at some energy hogging areas of life. We all have a lengthy list, if we spend a bit of time to be aware. Any efforts we make to tip the balance on the energy drains of our life make it easier to continue to change habits and reverse our limitations.

Will you power off with me? Be blessed!

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