In just one moment …

Do you ever wonder if you had changed just one moment in your life, who and where you’d be right now? I venture to say it likely wouldn’t be right here. Think about it … it’s like a mental “It’s a Wonderful Life” exercise.

Who would you have said yes to, or no to?

What interview would you have been too late for?

What accident or injury would you have had or avoided?

What ticket would you have gotten or averted?

What hello or good-bye would have gone unsaid?

Who would you have missed meeting upon chance?

What plane, train, taxi, subway, or car would you have not gotten into?

Who would you have not offended?

Who would you have not loved?

What would you have been too late for?

What glance or wink would you have missed?

What kiss would you have not shared?

What rainbow would have disappeared from your view?

And with all those “misses” – what might you have experienced instead?

And now that you have taken a moment to think about and acknowledge these things that you potentially could have lost from life … celebrate with joy and gratitude all that you actually had. The good and the bad led you to other moments of choice that in the end, are the jewels in your crown and the glimmering threads of your tapestry.

Let us always remember that every breath is a gift. Every glance, encounter, and word has a brief but lasting purpose.

Let us be grateful for who we are and where we are … and be blessed!

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