Beauty Insight

I used think that it was the male-driven, visual attraction element of society that was driving the creation of the “ideal beautiful woman.” But I’m paying more and more attention lately. Based on observation, I’ve seen so many men who are with women of all sizes and all levels of commercial beauty. In each case, they seem to be quite happy and in love with their women. They seem mature enough and realistic enough to see the beauty on the inside and the outside of the women they love.

And maybe it’s me watching so many Law & Order and other crime-based shows that is suddenly making me look at things differently. The classic investigation says … follow the money. And while society is shaping what we see on TV, magazines, and movies. It’s actually corporations that are benefiting, not the average man looking for love. Do we really need 900 colors of lipstick, 5″ heels in every color, or more and more pieces of exercise equipment or hair removal devices? We sometimes think we do. But is it because our men, or our friends tell us we do? Or is it because companies need to have the next iteration of profit stream.

And interestingly, what I’ve learned from my fashion student daughter is that the fashion industry doesn’t actually want models who are stick figures of women because they are more “beautiful”. But rather, it’s easier to make clothes for a straight up-and-down figure of the ultra thin boyish-figured woman than to make the clothes that fit a curvy figure. It takes less material. It takes less time and less complexity of patterning and piecing. So runway clothes are designed based on the easiest manufacturing and not the attractiveness at all.

The industry that I thought was driving the ideal beauty description really isn’t about beauty at all. It is about money – saving it and making it. With that in mind, it is much easier to look at beauty in the eyes of reality, and all other motivation is good old-fashioned profit. Maybe I’m slow in realizing this. I’ve always thought it was just the desires of men.

I love new insights. Especially when they allow me to see the reality of my own worth, and that of those around me.

Be you … be beautiful … and be blessed!

6 thoughts on “Beauty Insight

  1. Good piece Barb. Thanks for other insights into this topic. I could go in another direction from this…about how many older men want much younger women and their body beautiful ones, but I will resist 🙂

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