Walk On – original poem


It’s true the words they sing in the songs.

Where it’s a fantasy to try to right the wrongs.

Of a word cast afloat in the sea of spite.

When those who hurt me think they are right.

I love with arms flung open wide.

And grieve in pain when cast aside.

When I let them in I took the chance.

That love would out last every circumstance.

But alas the dream comes to an end.

When the one I love disappears in the bend.

And I am left with questions spinning my head.

And looking for answers in the words I’ve read.

It’s those who are closest that seem to manage.

The deepest cuts and the broadest damage.

Time will mend my heart once more.

Life doesn’t end with the close of a door.

With lessons learned and tears now dry.

I will lift my head and walk on with a sigh.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller




5 thoughts on “Walk On – original poem

  1. Oh yes, we are hurt most by those we love. I know there are times I have hurt someone I love, and usually unintentionally and probably not even realizing it … unless they tell me. Some times circumstances hurt and we don’t realize that it was only the reality we were in at the time, and what happened was not meant to hurt.

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