The things I could do …

It’s true … the days are getting longer.  As we get closer and closer to summer the light is lasting longer. It’s wonderful to go to work and come home from work in the sunshine. I’m not a fan of the coming heat, but the light is a welcome companion.

And yet, even now there’s so much I want to do, need to do, must do that the days still seem short. I know we cannot extend the number of hours in a day. And frankly, I wouldn’t want to because I’d fill those up too.  But now as I see so many of my friends leaving work to retire, my mind day dreams about what I could do without work taking up most of my waking hours.

I was talking to a friend about this yesterday. She’s retiring in June and we chatted about her next steps. She’ll continue to be a chair person for some of the volunteer activities at the big tennis tournament that comes to town each year. She’s thinking about working with dogs and training them to be both adoptable as well as training them to be healing pets. What wonderful aspirations.

I know I’m just a tad bit too young to be ready for this step but I know I’m creating my list of what I’d do. I want to learn photography, volunteer in a variety of places that require workday help, pick up some artsy classes – painting or stained glass making or pottery. There’s so many possibilities. I know I want to continue with my writing. By then I hope to have my 2nd book finished and maybe working on a 3rd.

All the books I’ve wanted to read would become my daily friends. The places I want to go all over the world with people to meet, and cultures to experience would take much of my money but leave me with an investment in connections and discovery.

Yikes I better stop day dreaming for today or I’ll find myself taking a leap I’m not quite ready for if I keep this up. What are you day dreaming up if time was abounding and plenty? Be blessed!


15 thoughts on “The things I could do …

  1. Ah! the dreams we dream 🙂 Although I have time, but finances are another story. So, if finances were aplenty I would take some trips…to Ireland to visit friends and check out changes in the country since I was last there. I would take a trip on the Orient Express, go to Tuscany and Paris. And, I would find my dream house and make it into my own little sanctuary, yet welcoming to family and friends.

      • Even if I don’t get to do them I won’t be disappointed because i have been bless to have travelled there before…even lived in Ireland for 12 years. My most important dream right now is for the housing market to improve !!! (even though it has started to plummet steeply again). Sadly so many people are so fed up with home ownership and being underwater that they are just walking away and letting their homes go into foreclosure. I can understand as I have wanted to move for several years now, but can’t sell my house. I keep the dream in my heart and pray for God’s guidance. In the meantime I keep busy and enjoy visits to the place where my heart is 🙂

  2. I’ve been retired over five years and complain more each day that I have less time to do the things I want to as each year passes. There’s never enough time unless you are a rocking chair retiree who doesn’t have interests. These seniors have too much time. Can’t win? I’d rather be me.

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