Spring Night in Cincinnati

Last night was a dreamy, warm Spring night here in Cincinnati, and I’m happy that I got to spend time with one of my dearest friends. Since we’ve moved roles at work and live on opposite sides of town we don’t get to see each other very much. But we have fun when we do. And last night was no different although there was a festive spirit in the air to make it even better.

We had a wonderful dinner at a great Brazilian restaurant, Boi Na Braza. The food was excellent and the “gouchos” who brought the 15 varieties of meat around were attentive, friendly, and had a never-ending supply of their gifts. As my friend joked, it was like eating our way into a tasty meat coma. It’s pricey but it was a feast for the senses that makes for a nice treat every once in a while.

We had a show with our meal as well. There was the live music going on inside the restaurant accented by the parade of prom dresses that passed by the window where we were sitting. We had a free fashion show and enjoyed watching the young girls teetering around in their 5 in heals with their matching dates and floating material of their ball gowns flowing behind. We saw lovely cinderella-esque gowns, slinky short numbers with puffs of tulle, and the barely there sexy numbers with cut-out sides, and lots and lots of sequins. There were colors of every variety as the young couples strutted toward their long-awaited Prom night or whisked around Fountain Square in a decorated horse-drawn carriage. There was romance in the air for sure!

After the meat feast we decided to walk it off a bit and meandered around the square and around a few blocks. The fountain is such a lovely landmark that is the heart of many memories from my home town. The warm spring breeze was just perfect and people watching was again at its optimum. The little ones were having fun running around as their parents visited and kept an eye on them all. A “friendly” gentleman stopped by for a brief chat – couldn’t decide what made him stop by to flirt but we appreciated the compliments. He was harmless and friendly then he glided into the night. The mounted police stopped by to water their horses at the fountain which brought squeals of delight from the kids who came running to pet them. It was the perfect spot to sit a spell and chat about old times and memories.

To top off the night there were fireworks popping a couple blocks away lighting the sky over the mighty Ohio river. We took a quick walk just in time to see the colorful grand finale of the show. Our spontaneous night out turned out to be the perfect, slow-moving evening. I could almost image what it would have been like 100 years ago – much the same with the mounted police, the families celebrating a beautiful night, and lots of people watching. It was just exactly what I needed to connect with my friend, my city, and enjoy some respite from the  craziness of the work weeks lately.

I am blessed. Be blessed too!


2 thoughts on “Spring Night in Cincinnati

  1. I’m thinking: What was I doing last night? Certainly not anything as enjoyable as YOU. I was working too hard. They don’t let me out much, you know.

    Glad you had a great Saturday night.

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