Daily Miracles

Do you ever notice and amuse yourself with the miracles inherent in the way the  human body really works? Sometimes I have moments of clarity where I notice the mundane, which in reality is really quite spectacular. Every once in a while I remember to look at the world with the same amazement and awe that little children do. Here’s what I mean:

Not being at my regular office today, I decided to work in the cafeteria where I could plug-in and grab an iced chai. It was convenient between meetings and quiet at first. Then, I became acutely aware of the swelling noise as the crowd surged to fill the area. At the same time I was amazed that I could hear the conversations in front, beside, and behind me. Really our senses are incredible. The same thing happens with sight. I can see to type and read and at the same time distinguish the busy movements to and fro of the crowd around me, as well as the dust particles floating next to me in the ray of sunlight. The fact that our senses and our brains can distinguish the macro and the micro details is such a splendid gift. I’m sure there are tons of biological explanations that scientists can provide. But for the everyday experience of life, it is quite remarkable.

Our bodies really are, for me, the proof of a greater design and thus a Great Designer. For us to even be alive is a miracle. Our bodies automatically do the things needed to keep us physically alive – breathing, heart beating, blood pumping, disease fighting, healing, growing, regenerating, digesting, etc. There is so much we never really notice. And then at the same time as all those complex processes, it moves for us on command. We can, in an instant, distinguish the space and speed needed to avoid collisions with all the objects in the world. Well, unless of course we talk about toes – they have a particular need to forcefully crash into immovable objects like legs of furniture. But I digress …

At any rate, what I really realized is that when we stop looking at obstacles, worries, and what ifs, we give ourselves space and time to notice the WOWs and can you believe its that exist in every level of our living.

I invite you to notice your daily miracles …. and be blessed!

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