Scared into Action!

Do your dreams scare you?

Nope, not the nightmarish sleeping dreams. I mean your day dreams. Is your dream so big that it scares you? I was talking about this today to a friend. They have been feeling like life has no upside and nowhere to go but what’s real today. This is all there is. No hope, just daily existence. I wanted to shift their thinking from impossible to the possible. So I asked them to dream a dream, make a wish that is so big it scares them. But it scares them because life without that dream would not be unacceptable.

It was a concept they had never dared to explore. I could tell by the long pause and under the breath “WOW” that they actually, for a split second, allowed a dream that big to flash before them. Suddenly the lilt in their voice changed. And in that moment something changed for them. They said the 3 words that can make a difference … “I want that.” And then it scared them again. This time it was the fear that we all face – I’m not worthy. What if it’s not possible? What about the barriers? It’s too big. I don’t know how. Nothing like that happens to me.

With a gentle whisper and nudging “shhhhhh” I gave them an assignment. For homework they had to not look at what was hard about it, but actually research what was real about it. What are the facts – the process, the cost, the waiting periods, the preparation time, and the steps from here to there. I know when you have a dream that you take even a little action on, it grows and gets stronger. That’s why I want them to research it. Break it into manageable bites sized pieces. Identify the quick wins and the big needs. Just begin.

I’m glad my friend has a dream that scares them. And then it hit me – their dream scared me too because I might be a piece of the puzzle to help them achieve it. Goosebumps and silly grins – I’m scared now. I love it!!!

Scare yourself into action and be blessed!

6 thoughts on “Scared into Action!

  1. I know exactly what you mean. What I don’t understand is when people dare to dream, why do they dream small? Dream BIG, I say and the heck with the rest. Fix that as you go. Wonderful post. Great subject for discussion.

  2. Been there and I have a big dream, maybe two or three 🙂 The one dream ~ I have done all I can do for now…currently at an action standstill as I wait for God to show me what next. And while I wait I continue to work on another one, which may take the rest of my life 🙂

    Good post Barbara.

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