Excuses, excuses

Today I have to laugh at my daughter. She’s a really smart girl with lots of ambition and well on her way to a successful career. Well, that’s how I describe her on most days. Today she went to complete some paperwork for her new job and then headed to school for her projects. She’s been gone several hours and I was sure she was making great progress in her busy day.

Then she showed up back at home with her little girl voice on telling me all the reasons she “couldn’t do stuff.” I was laughing out loud at her laundry list of procrastination. She was cold, her friend didn’t show up, the lights wouldn’t come on, she forgot her ruler, her favorite coffee house coffee tasted bad, etc, etc, etc. In the end she sat in a dark, cold classroom watching TV on her laptop. What a funny girl having a silly day. Now, her only desire is a hot cup of  coffee and a warm blanket to get her back into a better way before going out with her boyfriend. Since she graciously brought me a cup of hot chocolate, I guess I’ll cut her some slack.

We all have days like that don’t we? Things don’t go as we expect or want. The desire to simply sit and stew in it all seems like the thing to do to avoid another bit of disappointment. We all have excuses and leaning on them for a day here and there won’t end the world or severely disadvantage us. But if they become the norm we’re in trouble. If we always have our eyes on the problems and not on the goals, we really won’t get where we dream to go.

Tomorrow is another day.Hang in there Maria!  Keep dreaming, keep doing … and be blessed!


One thought on “Excuses, excuses

  1. Yes we all, at least most of us have days like that. Sometimes it is just time for our bodies and minds to take a break…relax, chill out…and the time will pass into a more joyful, engergetic, and inspirational time.

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