I’m soooo ready …

I realized something today that I haven’t thought about in a while… I FEEL READY.

Ready for what you say? So very many things. Here’s just a few:

> I’m so ready to enjoy no more campaign ads on my TV, radio, or voice mail. SERIOUSLY ready for this one!

> I’m ready for the giving seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas to reveal the kind and generous nature of my fellow man.

> I’m ready for my children to begin experiencing the success that comes from hard work.

> I’m ready for new friendships to blossom more and more each day.

> I’m ready to learn new things at work and feel like I’m growing my capability again.

> I’m ready for closure on some very big, and very old bills that are about to be paid off (yay!)

> I’m ready for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, patriots, and cynics to step across the divide and start working together as Americans and not any other label we have chosen to use.

> I’m ready to start reading another good book – make it a mystery please.

> I’m ready for our sons and daughters to come home and end the wars.

> I’m ready for people to embrace the diversity that comes from loving each other and not judging each other.

> I’m ready to shine my light a little brighter and further in the world.

> I’m ready for the distance between friends and love ones to shrink – whether it’s physical distance or emotional.

> I’m just feeling ready for change.

Are you ready? On your marks … get set … let’s go! And be blessed!

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