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Hi all,

Today I heard about a totally cool idea and have decided to jump in with both feet. A fellow blogger that I follow, Beth Ann shared this with me. Check out her blog “It’s Just Life”. She’s been doing this for many months and feels the gratitude of her giving. I can’t help but catch the idea and carry it on.

So here’s how it works – the first day of each month I will pick a charity or cause and write about it here on my blog. At the end of the month I’ll count up all the legitimate comments I receive on that one blog and donate 50 cents per comment. I’m a day late to start but promise not to be a dollar short.  🙂


Heartprints is a wonderful, fledgling charity started by my friend Brian Siegel here in Cincinnati. I met Brian a couple of years ago by accidental connection. Well, I don’t believe in coincidences but I do believe in God and I know this chance meeting was at His hand! Brian had a vision to eradicate poverty of education. And as a pioneer always does, he put his money and actions where his mouth (and heart and dreams) is. He started this charity as a way to change lives of poor children – with a 3 pronged approach – tutoring, charitable giving, and job assistance.  After our connection Brian asked me to be on the Board of Directors. I did that willingly and with all my heart. I loved being a part of the early days.  And while my schedule doesn’t allow me to be as involved as my heart wants to be, I certainly can spread the word.

Heartprints is growing and evolving and I’m proud that he is bringing his dream to life. Check out the website, and donate your time, talent, or treasure if you so feel called.

And in the meantime, don’t forget to leave your comments here on the blog so I can give the maximum donation with your help. Every comment counts so rack ’em up folks and help me, help my cause.

Be blessed!!!!


15 thoughts on “Comments for a Cause – HEARTPRINTS.ORG

      • You are welcome 🙂 It is a good year. I don’t know of any specific special events this year, but I eagerly awaits God’s surprises 🙂
        I am grateful for every new day, for my health, work, ability to pay the bills and occasionally treat myself and others; the rain, sunshine, and I could go on and on. Mostly I am grateful for God in my life and all the wonderful people who light up my life.

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  3. Barb, Thank you for making heartprints your charity pick of the month. Your support, advisement ,ideas and heart are appreciated. Also, I have to say I love your banner! This is a beautiful and inspiring blog too! I will have to read your book next! Thank you this was a neat idea for sure! I look forward to learning more about you ! Have a blessed weekend! : )

    • Thanks Angela! Glad you stopped by to comment. I’m always looking for creative ways to give back some positive in the world. And it was an easy, natural pick to choose Heartprints as my first charity for Comments for a Cause. Stop by and comment often. 🙂 And I hope you enjoy the book. Take care and be blessed!

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  5. Thank you Barb!!! What an amazing action and thoughts. heartprints strives to build better futures for youth. We couldn’t lead this without the right people helping the right way. We are grateful for leaders like yourself giving and investing time, treasure, and talent. U encourage your readers and those that are fortunate to read our words to get involved and participate with our efforts.

  6. Barbara, That sounds like a fabulous first charity for Comments for a Cause!!! I am very excited for you and hope that you can get a lot more people excited about Heartprints!! Thanks for doing this —I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed for doing this and you will be blessed just as much as those your are trying to bless!!! 🙂

Thanks for your comments - each one counts and leads to me making a donation in my Comments for a Cause practice.

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