Gimme, Gimme, Gimme ….

This year I find myself in quite the different holiday mood. I have several friends that I have always enjoyed the sharing of Christmas gifts with. We don’t spend a lot of money but we do try to find the “right” something for each other. We top off our little celebration with the “breaking of bread” as we share a lunch or dinner to catch up and enjoy the holiday lights and music. It makes for a really pleasant spreading out of the holiday and is probably a part of your routine Christmas as well.

0912_money-gift_485x340And yet, this year, something feels to be different. My soul’s yearning to make a bigger impact in the world is growing. And the only thing I can think of is that I feel I have too much this year. I certainly have all that I need and I have enough of the “I wants” to satisfy my heart. So this year I’m shifting out of the usual mode of the gift giving tradition with my friends. I’m still sharing the gift of time but I’m asking them to forgo the shopping for some nice little gift that I don’t actually need and I’d like them to make a donation to the poor as their gift to me instead. I want to play a little part, even if it’s just a catalyst part, in helping us all help someone in need. And the beautiful thing I’m finding is, that at my suggestion for my gift they are delighted to not shop for a trinket and to also not receive one. They are asking me to do the same thing on their behalf. I love my friends – they see the best and brightest intentions and they magnify them. I am blessed.

So, to all my internet friends, in addition to any regular charitable giving this year that you are inclined to give, I ask that you consider joining us to exchange a different kind a gift. A gift of generosity. A gift that can change a moment in someone’s world. Give the gift of charity, request the gift of charity, and be blessed.

8 thoughts on “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme ….

    • Wonderful Jay. I do as well and find it heartening when I find others who spread the love and the help around. Thanks for commenting and helping me help others with my Comments for a Cause program too. Be blessed and Merry Christmas to you!

  1. Hi, Barb! Love your blog. Wanted to let you know what I do every year. I buy coats for needy kids. I love it. It brings tears to my eyes and a joy to my heart, a joy that a small gift can’t replace.
    I’ve always felt this was right. A coat is such a small thing and I feel so many of us take them for granted. As most of us have a selection of coats, to chose from.
    I’ve kept this a secret for years. Not quite sure if its something I should share.
    Love you much!! You’re “little” sister, Lynnettr

    • Lynnette – that is fabulous!! I think you should let others know, if only to spread the inspirations. Thanks for leaving the comment and helping me help others as well. Take care and be blessed!

  2. I like this idea! Just this past Sunday our sermon was on keeping Christmas a religious holiday and not the holiday of commercialism. In the U.S. we spend $450 BILLION on gifts each year, but it would only take $20 BILLION to solve the world’s water problem. It was a very good message and really made me think, what if people did join in to change the world at Christmas time and really make a difference?

    • Wow – I hadn’t heard that statistic but I believe it. The money we waste on things we “want” vs. what the world needs astounds me more and more each day. Do you think mankind will ever get it “right”? Thanks for commenting and have a blessed day!

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