Heartbreak in Newtown, CT

jesus-holding-girlHeartbreak abounds today … again, as we hear news of the school shooting in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The evil that overtook the heart, mind, and soul of the person (or persons) who perpetrated this horrific crime is so complete that it is unfathomable to most. I cannot stop tears from welling up at just the thought of the horrific scene and the terror that was in the hearts of those children and adults on the scene. And my heart aches even more when I think of the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and extended family and friends who are finding out that their unimaginable loss is real.

What must we do to heal this nation of this blight of violence? We must join together to love and to heal. We must surround these families with prayers and acts of compassionate comfort. The world needs those of us who carry the light of love to shine – brighter, bigger, and with more power. We must hug our children and loved ones even tighter. We must let no parting go by without saying “I love you.” We must love completely in this moment because we have no promise for tomorrow.

I feel so utterly crushed by the knowledge that this level of hatred and evil exists in the world, and even more so that it exists in this country. This pain is magnified by the timing – just 10 days before Christmas when we celebrate the joy and innocence in the eyes of children. There is no time of the year that loss of children is felt more deeply.

I fall on my knees in prayer. Join me … and be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Heartbreak in Newtown, CT

  1. For those of us wishing to reach out to this community to offer a word of peace, encouragement, love, hope…there are two addresses below…The USPS has set up a dedicated po box at

    Messages of Condolence for Newtown
    PO Box 3700
    Newtown CT 06470
    Newtown School District
    4 Fairfield Circle South
    Newtown CT 06470

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