Music of the night …

Wind-ChimesAs I sit here, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep it seems that my senses are heightened a bit.  I can feel the air brush over my skin as the furnace kicks in to whisk the cold away. I’m not sitting near the air vent so I’m a bit surprised by the sensation. I notice the sense that is the most attuned is my hearing. Between the thumping from my son’s cat bouncing around downstairs, to the whooshing sound as my dogs breath steadily at the edge of my bed, I feel comforted by the life that surrounds me in the night.

But the sound that delights me the most is the music coming from outside my window. My wind chimes are dancing and jingle-jangling in the night. They are beautifully matched and echoed by the lovely chimes across the street from my neighbor’s house.

Angel-Close-Up-At-Night-angels-and-fairies-10844417-500-434There is something soothing and mystical about the sound that wind chimes make. I often think I should buy about 10 more and surround every side of my house with them. They remind me that the air is alive and that life really can make music. When I hear them sprinkling their delightful notes I image they call in the angels and accompany the choirs as they sing in heaven. It’s truly one of my favorite sounds.  Tonight I believe I will use them as my focus for meditation and allow their beauty to sink into my soul and usher in the calm and the peace. And from there, if I focus on just them, they can escort me back into the sweet dreamland.

Good night world, I bid you good night! My music awaits. Be blessed!

5 thoughts on “Music of the night …

  1. Love this post Barb. There are so many kinds of wind chimes…how do you decide which ones to get? Do your neighbors ever mention they hear your wind chimes? Has anyone ever complained about the sound? I think it would be wonderful to have a detached house with a nice little yard and have wind chimes, a couple birdfeeders and plants that draw butterflies 🙂

    • Hi Ann, I decide on my wind chimes solely by what calls my soul in the moment. I used to have 3 but one broke. One was a gift from my daughter. I’ve never had anyone complain about the wind chimes, but as you suggested I live in a detached home. It’s a nice little ranch. Not sure if my neighbors can hear mine as they are not huge and no-one has ever said anything. I hope they never disturb anyone so I can keep them always, even when I eventually move to a condo. If they do I’ll just have to buy a CD or two – there are lots of meditation tapes with wind chimes. Perhaps you can try one of those. It’d be great to fall asleep to one of them. Have a great day and be blessed!

      • Another option to having them somewhere else is indoors in front of a window that you can open on a breezy day 🙂 or put a fan where it can move them to music 🙂
        I also love the sound of water…brooks, river, ocean, waterfalls. Could be that any neighbors who might be able to hear your chimes, love the sound as well, but never say “thank you!”


  2. I loved our wind chime that had a real nice tone to it. It wasn’t just a tinkly sound. Unfortunately, after time normal wear and tear from the weather broke the strings. I must look into getting another one!

    • I do love my chimes. I’ve had a few break over the years due to weather and age as well. But I’m never without a replacement. Enjoy your hunt for some pretty chimes. Be blessed!

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