Humanity Revolution

Today I saw a picture that included a bit of statistic. It stopped me in my tracks. Here – I’ll share it with you.


I knew we had the means in our modern world but it never sunk in … until I saw this. What the HELL is wrong with us? How is it we as a people have traveled so far from our Divine roots that we would think that this is okay. We have enough firepower in this world to kill everyone many, many times over … and yet we can all only die just once. Apparently that’s not enough because we build more, we threaten more, we bully and we fight more. Evil has settled into our society and we no longer see it as such.

And we also have the ability to feed every hungry child, mother, father, elderly and needy person over and over and over and yet we don’t do it even once. We share a little but only during disasters. Isn’t starvation every day a disaster?

My heart aches today. The way we destroy our world is one thing – a horrible thing. But the way we ignore, destroy, and debase other human souls is simply unacceptable. There is nothing but grace of God that has made me born where I was and having the opportunities that I have. I surely didn’t deserve them. I didn’t earn them. I simply have them. I have an embarrassment of riches and it is an awareness that keeps me giving whenever I can.

What does it take to create a Humanity Revolution? I see pockets of people in the world here and there doing what they can. We show our kindness in groundswells but I still feel very small in this. I feel like all that I do is but a drop in an immense ocean. How do we rise up in revolution to actually change the world, once and for all, without excuse, without boundaries and national, selfish pride? How do we let our divine humanity overtake the evil that wants to keep our eyes clouded or distracted?  I want to do more. I want to inspire more. I want to save the souls that don’t deserve any less than me. All I can do is inspire those that know me. I can only feed those that come in contact with me with the limited funds I have. I cannot solve this world’s problem alone but I vow, every day to save those that I can.

I don’t have the answers. I don’t know how to sway the hearts and hands of those that rule this nation or any other nation bent on war. But I pray that every heart that knows love will stand up and feed instead of fight. I will stand up and feed. Will you join me … and be blessed!


3 thoughts on “Humanity Revolution

  1. This is horrible but I don’t have the answer either other than each person needs to do what they can to help other human beings. When I see the NFL 30 sec. super bowl commercials cost $3.8 million each, it makes me sick. What a big waste of money!

    • I totally agree with you – and the NFL fees, actually all sports salaries, fees, etc are just crazy. Our world is upside down and backwards in our values! Thanks for stopping by – be blessed!

  2. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    We have all that it takes to make the world a beautiful place!
    We have the material resource and the intellectual resource.
    We often have a heart of compassion.
    Yet, we are held back with an opinion that we are different from others.
    We have a mindset that life is a competition and nobody wants to be left behind.
    How much wealth will one amass that will keep him living forever?
    The time has come to rise up and make a difference.
    Some people can barely feed, while some others are lost in ambition, ego and pride.
    All that we have, we were given through opportunities.
    It really is time to create opportunities for those that don’t have them.
    It is time to educate the illitrates.
    It is time to encourage the hopeless and to strengthen the weak.
    It is time to step out of our comfort zone and reallize that we should collaborate and not compete.
    Let’s stop fighting and start feeding!
    Yes! Let’s start loving.
    We are one big family and should treat ourselves as such.
    The time is now; start loving!

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