The fine art of procrastination …

procrastinationWell we’re about 1 1/2 months into this new year and my theme of “discipline” has been a love/hate relationship. I am spreading the focus of discipline in a 360 degree fashion – body, mind, heart, spirit, finances, home, work, etc. I KNOW this is the right theme for my year. I know I need discipline on every front – this is an area that I need to work on. And I find myself resisting in some places that I want it the most. I wish I could understand that part of my psyche. If I want it … and I know I need it … and I see it – why do I procrastinate, avoid, do the opposite, and thumb my nose at it? It is a struggle that defines why this is the year of discipline for me. Perhaps the added focus will, over time, throughout the year, shift my behaviors a bit. It is my hope!  But hope is not enough. Hope won’t get me there. OY!!! Oh, and it’s not willpower, it’s something deeper. Any wisdom from my readers? I’d love to hear it.

declutterAnd in the meantime I will celebrate the areas where it is a love – I’m loving the decluttering. I acknowledge that it is a process and I have some “hot spots” as we all do that seem to collect clutter and piles throughout my house. But each and every time I conquer a hot spot I can feel in my body release some stress. I have always liked “stuff” but I’m starting to long for the empty spaces in my home. I’m actually day dreaming about cleaning a closet or about emptying the basement when my son gets married this summer and vacates the space. I’m starting with the obvious places though – the ones out front and center as those are the low hanging fruit that will inspire me to dig deeper.

Let us not grow weary in our pursuits – whatever your new year’s resolution, or theme, or focus was, I hope that your love/hate relationship is continuing to evolve and resolve.

Be blessed!

4 thoughts on “The fine art of procrastination …

  1. maybe you don’t really want the things you think you want. If you really wanted them, you wouldn’t procrastinate. Nobody ever says ‘bar of chocolate?…well, it can always wait till tomorrow!’. Unless they’re on a diet that is.

  2. I am doing well so far on decluttering this year, my word for the year by the way. Today I threw away a piece off my broken wind chime that was in my hutch and recycled about 9 old phone books this week!

    • Nice job – one step at a time and we’ll all get there. I donated 3 boxes of stuff this week and it felt great. I’m in a purge and pitch mode. It’s a good thing. Be blessed!

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