Comments for a Cause for March – Cancer Family Care

Have you discovered more about Mesothelioma?  Thanks to Heather Von St. James and her blog I certainly have and am honored to be able to share my February “Comments for a Cause” donation to help. If you’d like to donate as well, here’s a link to allow you to do so easily here online:

CFC_logotagMarch Cause:  Cancer Family Care in Cincinnati, OH

I recently met with my dear friend Mar who is a counselor at Cancer Family Care here in Cincinnati. We met up in her office – I had never been there before and I could feel such energy, compassion, and hope just by entering the space there. While I am blessed to be living a cancer free life, I know there are countless people in my life who have or are suffering right now. I know and love some who are survivors and others who lost the battle and I see the absolute devastation this disease can bring. Knowing that this great organization is helping family members to live and thrive and survive is such a great cause. I’m excited to add them as my “Comments for a Cause” organization for March.

So please share this page with your friends and family and encourage them all to leave a comment anywhere on any post. I will count their comments towards my March donation to Cancer Family Care.

Thanks and be blessed!!

28 thoughts on “Comments for a Cause for March – Cancer Family Care

  1. Thank you so much for doing this to help further our mission. I work at CFC and it’s a privilege to be here and journey with folks. I appreciate this recognition!

  2. Cancer Family Care is an amazing organization. I can truly say that they have and are saving and changing my life. They deserve to be recognized for all the wonderful work that they do – what a great choice!

  3. Thanks for making our mission a little more known. It is always an honor when a family or individual allows you to share this journey with them.

  4. I am a survivor, thanks in large part to Cancer Family Care. The counseling they provided me was critical to my mental and emotional health. I owe a debt to Judy, Mar, and the entire organization. Thanks for choosing them this month.

    • Kevin – so glad to hear from a survivor – congratulations on fighting and winning the big fight. Happy to be able to help from my corner of the web. Let your friends and family know so they can come leave a comment too. Every comment equals 50 cents donation to the cause. Take care and be blessed!

Thanks for your comments - each one counts and leads to me making a donation in my Comments for a Cause practice.

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