Comments for a Cause – Guide Dogs of America!

CFC_logotagMarch was a good month and I am making my donation to the Cancer Family Care organization for my Comments for a Cause. Cincinnati’s Cancer Family Care has done so much for individuals and their families who are living with and dealing with the ravages of this disease. I received many messages telling me of the blessings that this organization has been for people. It’s my pleasure to bring a bit of awareness to this great organization. Please check out their website and join me in supporting this great cause.

April Comments for a Cause charity – GUIDE DOGS OF AMERICA.
GDAlogo (1)I’ve been collecting suggestions and looking forward to doing something related to animals this month. I’ve always loved animals and have had guinea pigs, fish, birds, and dogs in my family. My favorites have always been dogs, which is why I have 2 fur babies in my home now. They love without hesitation and bring joy just in their presence. They also provide support and assistance when trained appropriately. So, in honor of my little Gracie and Bella, I’m choosing an animal charity this month. I believe in helping Guide Dogs of America, I am also helping the people they serve.  Here’s their link for you to check it out!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this blog and encourage your family and friends to leave a comment. It’s free for you and fulfilling for me – for every comment anywhere on my blog posts in April, I’ll be making a donation to Guide Dogs of America.

Pass it on and be blessed!!!



17 thoughts on “Comments for a Cause – Guide Dogs of America!

  1. The dogs then enter the Guide Dog Program. The cost to put a dog through the 6-month Guide Dog program is upwards of $21,000, but for as little as $25, you can get a new puppy started in the program with his own leash, collar, ID tag, toy, and food. Nearly 80% of all donations (which they rely on completely for program funding) come from individuals, corporations, and organizations. Visit to make a contribution.

  2. As the wife of a 22 yr GDA dog guide recipient, I was so excited to see your post! Thank for giving to such a worthy cause! My husband has received all 4 of his guides from GDA. The puppy raisers give so much of their lives to raise up the most loving, giving attentive guides. The trainers at GDA are top notch, who pour their hearts and souls into each guide, showing them their amazing potential. The lists goes on and on as to what Guide Dogs of America truly represents. We are so very grateful for all our guides!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story and wonderful words in support of GDA. I’m pleased that I have called them out as this month’s charity. Spread the word – the more comments, the more I can donate. Blessings to you, your husband, and guide dog.

  3. You’ve picked an awesome charity to support! I’m a puppy raiser with Guide Dogs of America and they are transforming lives!

  4. I like this cause! I know two people who use guide dogs and read about one (THUNDER DOG). Hope you get lots of comments this month!

    • Thanks I really love this cause too. I used to read college books on tape for a blind man who was in school. I loved his guide dog and that was one inspiration for my picking this charity. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Tell others so we can get the comments up! Thanks and be blessed!

  5. Animals are pure unconditional love. They don’t care what kind of car you drive, how big your home is or how much you make. Just feed & love them and you will get so much more that you could ever give back to them.

  6. Sounds like a great cause! My house would be empty without my “baby boy”… a 90 lb German Shepherd! Dogs are a blessing!!

Thanks for your comments - each one counts and leads to me making a donation in my Comments for a Cause practice.

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