One Down a Day

I’ve been thinking for a while about ways I can de-clutter, simplify, or just plain uncomplicate my life. I wrote a poem in a previous post called Simplicity. That was my real moment of inspiration and I have made some progress having had several donation days since then.

article-new_ehow_images_a08_c1_fr_calculate-donation-based-original-value-800x800But simplifying isn’t something that happens overnight. Life is still busy, kids are still at home, antiques and beautiful items still call to me. So what’s the next step for me? I think I’ve found it and I’m calling it “One Down a Day”. The concept is simple and intuitive – each day I will go through my home – closets or collectibles, and reduce by one item. I might donate it, consign it, or just simply throw it away. I won’t stop with my periodic donation clean outs – those are important to make big progress. But I figure with one less “thing-a-ma-jiggy” in my house each day, I know a year from now when I look around I will feel life is truly simpler. Oh, and there’s one rule – for anything new that comes in (except for gifts that will leave), I have to make room for it by getting rid of something else. This way I keep up the progress and avoid the creep that happens when shopping.

What do you think? Are you looking for more simplicity in your life? Tell me how you are tackling your un-complication and be blessed!!

7 thoughts on “One Down a Day

  1. This was one of my new year’s resolutions and I’ve been doing pretty good. The only problem is, that when I get rid of a bunch of stuff at once, I skip the next few days thinking that I got them covered ahead but didn’t keep track of the exact amount of stuff that was in that group of things I donated. Good luck with your decluttering mission.

    • Thanks – I know what you mean and it seems to be more coming in than going out so I’m trying this new method. Let’s hope I can keep it up. Deliberate change is surely a new habit to focus on. Be blessed!

  2. Been there 🙂 Before I moved to California in 2005 I knew I was not going to take everything. I started looking around. I had a beautiful entertainment center with a matching curio cabinet on each side, but of which were full of items I had collected…some had been gifts. As I looked at all these nice things, I asked myself…”how often do I look at these?” I went through it all and selected only very special pieces. The rest I set out on the dining table and invited friends over to pick whatever they liked for themselves….no charge.
    I sold several pieces of furniture, donated many things to non-profit organizations, and threw out other items.
    When I got moved, I ended up getting rid of more stuff. Then when I moved back here I continue to clean out clutter which somehow seems to creep in 🙂
    Simplicity is refreshing.
    Best wishes Barb in your journey to a simpler life.

    • Thanks Ann – it’s certainly a journey and yes, when we move we are forcing some cleanout but I need more. I keep feeling pulled to simplify and so I’m trying this now. Take care and be blessed!

  3. I moved 4-1/2 years ago and collected a mountain of ‘stuff’ which I donated to charity. Today, I still have unopened boxes of stuff I need to sort through. Maybe I’ll concentrate on one box a day and finally get to it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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