There is no good ending …

PrayerI have been glued to the TV today, in spite of my half desire to look away. The standstill in Boston is playing out, blow by blow as if a movie is unfolding before us.

And my heart is heavy as there is no good ending. To capture this man alive is the greatest desire, for the government and the people of America. It would give us a chance to understand this senseless violence that has descended upon Boston. But that best scenario still does not erase the violence. It still will not return loved ones to families, and limbs to victims. And yet, the likelihood of this ending seems remote. I fear, what won’t we know, what will this trigger if this young man is gunned down where he stands, or worse yet, blows himself and other innocents along with him?

All I can do is pray – and I do so ever so fervently. Join me and be blessed!

2 thoughts on “There is no good ending …

  1. Praise the Lord he was caught and taken alive. The really sad thing though is I’m sure he’s not the only person in the world crazy and mean enough to do something like this.

    • I agree. There’s so much to learn and yet none of it will undo the horror and sorrowfully, it won’t prevent the next nut from trying to do the same or even more. I just keep praying. Take care and be blessed!

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