Mighty Inspiration, Love Letters from God

How fun – I just got an email that my book had been promoted on twitter. I love when I get messages like that. For those of you who know me only in the cyber world, you may or may not know my story. Here’s a synopsis from AskDavid.com. If you have read my book I’d love for you to add your review on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com (or both). If you haven’t read my book, here’s a little bit about it.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Book: Mighty Inspiration - Love Letters from God by Barbara Miller

Book: Mighty Inspiration – Love Letters from God by Barbara Miller

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Barbara Miller

Author Barbara Millerabout her book: As a young girl growing up in an orphanage, there were very few things that I knew I could count on. One was my ability to survive, in spite of the circumstances I was living through. The other was that there was a God who was always with me and always protecting me. I would talk to God as my sole companion and that was enough back then. It was really all I had to comfort my broken heart.

And now, in these times of chaos and stress, God speaks to us. He always has really. I experienced this first-hand when I was sitting on my couch and had a sudden gripping urge that I NEEDED to write a book. My only trouble was that I didn’t know what to write. However, willing to heed the calling, I sat at my computer with a blank page and the inspiration began to flow, one or two words at a time. Within 3 weeks of starting this adventure, this book was complete. It is both profound and universal in its loving message.

One connection at a time, I was led to a publishing agent, and a publishing company that were moved and inspired to publish the book. Because of the way the book created itself, I insisted that the words stand as they were and everyone agreed. Within 12 months of my first sitting at the computer, my book, MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God was published and available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. The adventure had begun!

If you wonder what your purpose is, or how you can make a difference in your life or any other life, this book will provide you with insights. You can access your gift of creative power to impact every aspect of your life. Be open to the love of God and to the love that you can create and you will see that it makes all the difference in the world. Enter into a new phase of thinking and being and you and others will be blessed!

Since writing this book, I have heard wonderful accounts of how it has affected the lives of my readers. With kind and positive words from every walk of life I am encouraged that this message really is for everyone – believers and those who are on a questioning journey. If you have questions about your life and your purpose, this book can help you. And as I blog and correspond with people from over 100 countries, I find that the message is universally relevant and uplifting. My readers frequently give the book as a gift to those they love and care about.

In appreciate for the blessings that this book has given to my life, I donate 50% of my proceeds to charity. In this way, the blessings swirl and grow, just as talked about in the book.

I would love to hear your story and your reaction to this book. In addition, I am available to speak your group or organization as a motivational/inspirational speaker. Telling my story and spreading the love that God has for the world is a privilege and an outcome of my writing experience.

3 thoughts on “Mighty Inspiration, Love Letters from God

  1. Just ordered the book from Amazon, The Almighty led me to this book and it bought tears to my eyes, it really was just what I needed to hear.

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