Ministry of Hugs

bear-hugI’ve been thinking a lot lately about my ministries in life. No, I’m not an ordained minister, but as a human being, I believe we all have a ministry or multiple ministries. I define that as the gift that I give to the world on a consistent basis. How I uplift and heal and connect with others in ways that make life better.

I’ve long joked that one of my ministries is giving hugs. I suppose it’s not really a joke. As a highly empathetic person I can see, sense, and feel the energetic needs of the people around me. My job, as HR Manager is one of the few roles in a large company that lets me connect, truly connect, with the individuals in the organization. I always ask if someone needs/wants a hug when I sense the need. 99% of the time, people say yes. The need to connect is intense and real. I’ve had people tell me that was the first hug they’d had in months. Sad really, but I can see how it happens. And I can feel the gentle sigh when they know that there is nothing to do but receive the hug.

free-hugsOne of these days I just may be one of those people you see on the street with the sign that says “free hugs”. The world needs it more each and every day.  Have you read the reports stating how many hugs humans need to be healthy?

“We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

~ Virginia Satir

So, hugs it is, as one of my ministries. Another is to help others create their own magic. Not “witch”magic but the magic that makes them unique in the world. The magic to connect. The magic to create. The magic to change the world.

What are your ministries? I’d love to know more. Be blessed!


8 thoughts on “Ministry of Hugs

  1. Hey Barbara, I’ve been thinking here lately about the power of hugs and I guess I’m kinda of like you. I’ve had several people tell me what great hugs I give. I have considered starting a ministry. I searched the web and I found you. Would love to have more information about your hug ministry and what you are doing.

  2. Hi there, Here in South Africa my sister and i decided to start a ministry of hugs at a local female prison. Its amazing how God can use something that we thing is so small to break down walls of suicide, discouragement etc…. we grew up in family where nobody expressed themselves through touch (hugs) and words like “Ï love you”…But because of the Love of our Heavenly father we can do this not only in our work place but in a dying world… i would like to encourage all readers to just allow God to have His way in adn through them, because you never know whos life your smile, your touch and your sense of caring can change the path of one lost soul…Rem. dont grow weary in doing well 🙂

    • Sharlene – Thank you for your comment and for your lovely ministry of hugs. You are changing the world and saving lives in your own precious way! Your words have inspired me. Blessings to you and your sister from across the world! Hugs and blessings! ~ Barb

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  4. I think I am an encourager, a giver and a teacher. Currently our dog is taking us along on her visits to two skilled nursing facilities to brighten people’s day. I wish my husband would hug me every day–he just doesn’t seem to think of it or realize I need it.

    • I love your ministries of encouraging, giving and teaching. The world needs all these things and I thank you for always encouraging me. Don’t forget – if he doesn’t think to hug you, you should hug him. You both need it, not just you. 🙂 Keep hugging and be blessed!

  5. I love your ministry of hugs!!! I am a hugger, too, and totally get this!!! I think there are just so many lonely and disenfranchised people out there that crave a simple touch from a human, you know? Sometimes the world is just too busy and self involved and making a small difference like you are doing makes the whole day turn around. I would have to say one of my ministries is the ministry of encouragement. I think it is vital to encourage one another in everything. Have a blessed day!

    • Glad to know a fellow hugger too. It’s so easy to ignore how much we need it. I love your ministry of encouragement and can say that you have done that well for me. Thank you and be blessed!

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