Ripples of kindness ….

DynPicWaterMark_ImageViewerSince posting about my 50th Birthday Kindness Inspires Kindness Day …. something has changed.  I feel like my joy set point has raised even higher. The surge of happiness I felt that day hasn’t diminished. It’s a natural high. It’s the purpose of my soul that doesn’t want to be buried any more. Such joy I feel when friends tell me they have been inspired to do an act of kindness where previously they would not have even seen the opportunity. These are the beginnings of the ripples of kindness. These are the first steps of multiplying, expanding, and exploding of the kindness.

I am overwhelmed by desire to do more. I am overcome by the feeling that change really is possible and each of us can create a splash and more and more ripples.

I am filled with joy.

TELL ME! … what ripples of kindness do you see in your life?

Be blessed!

7 thoughts on “Ripples of kindness ….

  1. I sent a goodie box to a friend who is undergoing chemo in North Carolina. It was delivered on August 8th but she never got it. I checked with the post office there and no sign of it. Today I got an email from her that the lost package was found–it was in the locked box for packages but the carrier had never put the key for the box in HER mailbox. Mystery solved. The great thing??? She had found out Friday that she had to cancel all her weekend plans (and there were a lot of plans!) because her counts were low enough the doc was concerned. She was having a well deserved pity party. Then walaa—my package shows up and makes her smile! God is good! And the ripples??? I told her that the things in the package that she would not use she should share with someone else and I am sure she will! Blessings to you!

    • Beth Ann – I truly believe there is no coincidence in life – only divine timing. Looks like your care package made it there just in God’s timing. What a great gift and wonderful act of kindness. Thanks for sharing! Be blessed!

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