Grateful …. for YOU!

You know, when I started this blogging page some years ago I did so with this blind dream of being connected to people all over the world. I wanted to write brilliant things that are both an encouragement and an inspiration. 

Along the way I’ve found that some things I’ve expected have come true – I knew that there would be times that the spirit would move me and my words and ideas would just simply flow upon the page. Glad that has been true – not always, but mostly.

I really thought that I would be here writing several times a week. The ebbs and flows of life have at times tripped me up on this goal. But it’s okay because the life I am leading is worth skipping a time or two of expression in order to live it fully. 

I’ve imagined having meaningful conversations back and forth with my readers – and I’ve had some comments but surprisingly, not as many as I imagined. And I’ve come to have peace with that. When you are moved to interact, know that I find it a blessing. And when you are not, know that I find your visits to be a blessing.

But what has truly astounded me is that truly, there are people from every corner of the world who come to this page and soak in the poetry, the thoughts and pondering of my heart. I am grateful for your visits. I am encouraged to continue to share my voice in the world. I hope that through time, this will grow, the conversations will occur. And above all things …. I hope my insights and the parts of my soul that come out to play in this forum somehow bring you the smiles that you have always brought to me.

Stop back and be blessed!

~ Barb


9 thoughts on “Grateful …. for YOU!

  1. Doesn’t seem like a very ambitious to do list but it beats mine! I am so tired of this snow and cold–it’s beginning to get me down.

  2. I am not always good about reading all the wonderful blogger friends’ posts, like yours Barb, and when I do, sometimes I only hit the Like icon, but other times I do comment. I try to remember how important it is to let our friends, and our online friends know that we hear them, that we care, and those times when their words touch us in a very special way; or comment…just because 🙂

    I have not been good about posting on my own blog, but when I do, I love to hear back from the readers. Sometimes when I see there had been a lot of clicks into a post, but no one “likes” or comments, I wonder if my writing was bad, or it just meant nothing to anyone. These days when I do post I try to just let it go out into the universe and not expect anything.

    I am not a great writer, but some people like what I write and how I write, others don’t and I just have to be ok with that. I don’t think any of us like everything others write. We like different kinds of writing, and we click with certain authors/bloggers/ etc.

    So my dear Barb, YOU are an inspiration to me and I actually love your posts. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings and hugs to YOU,

    • Thanks Ann – you are always so generous with your kind words and “likes”. This post actually made me reflect on my own blog surfing habits. I tend to only read when I’m in a hurry and pop in a like here and there. I think I will have to give myself more time and take the time to actually comment.

      I enjoy your poetry and your posts and will work to do a better job of stopping by and commenting.

      So glad to have connected with you via this blogging effort.

      Take care and be blessed!

      • Thank YOU Barb. I have not posted much of anything in the last year or so, and when I have some of it was re-posts as I figure many did not see earlier posts. Thanks for the “like” on my most recent and original post 🙂 I pray for a source of supplemental income which will allow me plenty of time to learn, take adventures in my new home city, and write 🙂 I also want to dig into searching for someone who is good at putting my book into the right format as an ebook which can be published in Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon and wherever else it might be good to put it.

        Blessings to you,

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