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Go light your world!

Today my heart is full – full of gratitude for a wonderful weekend on spiritual retreat. Full of love expressed amongst family and friends. Full of appreciation for the gifts that I recognize in my life. Full hope and inspiration for what is on the horizon of my life. Full of recognition for all those who have lit the candle in my heart when I could barely even hold on. And so this song is on my heart today.

Go light your world …. and be blessed

Daydream believing …

Today I am feeling hopeful and ever so optimistic.

Haha – as I read that I know there are people who know me that will chuckle because that seem to be “just who I am”. True, I tend to live my life, whenever possible, in that frame of mind. However, there is a shift in the air – one that is guiding me and nudging me toward creating all that I allow my mind to dream up. I have aspirations, dreams, and plans to create a life coaching business that combines my 30+ years of business and human resources experience, along with the depth and breadth of the spiritual growth and learning I’ve gathered along the way. My coaching certification will be complete soon and I am well on my way of bringing these things together. 2014 has so much to offer and I’m looking forward to the journey.

What are you creating in your day dreaming, life dreaming moments of clarity? I’d love to hear all that you dream of becoming!

Be blessed!