My Life List …

I’ve been thinking alot lately about the things that I’d like to do in this lifetime. Maybe it’s my upcoming birthday that is putting me in this mood.
hot-air-balloon-57_3While it’s a common phrase these days, I’m not sure I like the term “bucket list” – I get it, it’s from the movie title. I’d rather call it my “Life List” or my “Dream List” or my “Experience It All List” … but that’s just me. Whatever you call it, I love the concept. I first heard about it as a “100 Things to Do Before You Die List” back around the turn of the millennium.  The speaker talked about the idea of arriving at the end of life knowing he lived it all, as much as he could, on purpose. No regrets are as strong as the dreams you left unchased.  With that motivation, I immediately made a pretty good list that started with flying in a hot air balloon. Yep, that was my first thing checked off as I did just that for my 40th birthday. I’ve since checked off quite a few items by now (11 years later).

So I’m reinvigorating my dreams and building up my list. I’d love to hear what’s on your list of things not to miss in this lifetime. So let’s do some sharing. What’s the favorite thing you’ve ever done and something you are hoping to do. I’m sure with suggestions from friends I’ll fill up my list in no time.

Suggest away and be blessed!


5 thoughts on “My Life List …

  1. Great post and great idea Barbara 🙂 Would love to read more about your experience in the hot air balloon. I have at least a couple favorite things I’ve done/accomplished/experienced. I may never get to do this, but would love to take a trip on the Orient Express. I do plan to republish my first book, and to truly live my creative life. Another dream is to have a detached home with a little fenced in yard out back with special landscaping, and a couple little pups.

  2. One of mine is to be in a stage musical, with costumes — I have an audition Nov. 3. Another is to put together a solo music program to do at multiple churches to raise money for a different charity at each church. One used to be to make Cinti opera chorus, but that won’t be happening — now I’m too old and arthritic. But I did audition about 5 years ago.

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