About Barbara Bernard Miller

My name is Barbara Bernard Miller, author of MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God.

By luck and love, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

By faith, I am a Christian and seaker of truth and enlightenment from any crack, crevice and opportunity that arises before me.

By profession, I am a Human Resources Manager for a fortune 500 company.

By training I am a Myers-Briggs certified trainer and personal coach.

By passion, I am a motivational speaker and toucher of human hearts.

But most importantly, by desire and choice, I am  a Purveyor of Positive Change!

I believe that we are all miraculous beings of light and love. We are spiritual beings having a glorious and complex physical experience. We have the power to create or destroy with our words, thoughts and deeds.

This page is simply my expression of hope for positive change and I invite you to join me by adding your comments, sharing what touches you, and creating your own touch of positivity in your circle of influence. Together we can change the world, one positive message at a time.

Be Inspired & Be blessed!

To purchase my hardbound book click:    MIGHTY INSPIRATION – hardbound

To purchase my paperback version click:   MIGHTY INSPIRATION – paperback


5 thoughts on “About Barbara Bernard Miller

  1. Hi there,

    To find your blog is a pleasure I have been indulging myself with. I have deep respect for you. Keep penning and keep inspiring, I am sure lots of readers have found your posts equally entertaining and enlightening!
    I have a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day, my friend! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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