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Just another day in paradise …

I’m so glad that God still performs miracles! He does them every day and thankfully I try to be aware of them. I know I miss some along the way by being busy and distracted. However, some are just too HUGE to miss. Yesterday I received one of those – BIG, really very BIG!

I’ve shared on my blog that I am adopted. I spent ages 3-8 in the orphanage and was adopted by a lovely family. I don’t even think about being adopted anymore really – they are simply my family. I spent most of my life turning my back on my painful past and keeping my eyes on my good fortune and the love this family showered me with. I was saved and I have no idea how or why. God plucked me from a hellish situation and gave me another path to walk. Leaving the past behind me worked for me as I got to create myself anew.

However, as I’m dancing in my middle age I have been gradually collecting blessings as I reconcile my past and my present. I realized along the way that there is enough love in me to keep my family and to reconnect with those in my birth family as well. And last night I reconnected a little bit more.

It was a quiet evening – just me and my puppies sitting by my fire trying to figure out what to watch on TV. One of my regained sisters, Lynnette, called me out of the blue. I’m thankful to have reconnected with her but we don’t get a chance to talk much (not nearly enough). She said “get in your car and come now”. She went on to tell me that my “baby brother” who lives in Texas and drives a big rig was about 90 minutes away from her house and was stopping on his way through. Wow! Now that was not a call I was expecting to get. So into my car I got and I drove the 50 minutes to her house. It was a multiple event as this was my first time meeting her lovely children and wonderful husband. That was momentous enough.

Then we hopped in her car and drove to the rest stop an exit away where he was to meet her. Of course she didn’t tell him I was coming but it was a wonderful surprise! I cannot describe in words what it feels like to look into the eyes of someone you’ve not seen for 43 years since he was a babe in arms. I cannot articulate the blessing and the healing that happens in that miraculous moment. Even with my command of words and love of using them … I cannot describe it.

I am bone tired but happy for the conversation into the wee hours of the night. I am blessed to know that the pains of childhood really can be released in adulthood. I am so awed that in the midst of craziness and hardship, this man turned out to be a warm, genuine, sweet man. The miracles just don’t stop happening when you are hanging out here in paradise.

Hugs your siblings, hold them tight … and be blessed!

It’s the Little Things

I’ve always believed that it’s the little things in life that make the day-to-day living memorable. Yes, big vacations or life altering events are remembered and are captured in film and talked about. But those are far and few between. They mark time. But they are not really part of the ebb and flow of every day living.

What I’m talking about are the things that happen in a flash – some spontaneous and some planned that give us daily pleasures. Here’s some little things that have made my life’s list of silly little pleasures:

> When I was about 5 my big brother used to hold my hand and walk me along the really long driveway at the orphanage until he found the “perfect” spot to lay in the grass and watch the clouds. We would look for animals and shapes and daydream about a future outside the orphanage. He would tell me stories of how he was going to ride a bike really fast past the gates and “escape”. Then he’d sneak back at night and climb the balcony to help me get away too. He was sweet, protective, and always dreaming up ways to save me.

> When I was about 9 I remember playing Monopoly with my next door neighbor. It was the game that never ended. We kept coming back to it for several days. It’s a fond memory of my neighbor and one of the reasons to this day that I never want to play Monopoly.

> As a young adult, I remember fondly the time my friend and I went to a double feature movie on a Friday night.  We got the giggles in the middle of the 2nd movie and thankfully were in an almost empty theater. We did get some looks but then finally the other patrons started giggling too. We were out so late we got slap happy and started another fit of giggles at home. We laughed so long and hard I actually started to hyperventilate. While meaningless in the grand scheme it is one of my favorite memories with her.

> When heading to one of my friend’s home after a girl’s dinner out we saw a rainbow – well actually what we saw was where the rainbow ended in a field in front of her condo complex. It was the only time I’ve ever seen where a rainbow ends and I slammed on the brakes to see it. What a beautiful sight and one I’ll long remember.

None of these are anything “special” and yet they are some of my fondest, most precious memories of these friends. I know you can think of a million examples from your own life. My friend Patricia always shares how she begins her day saying: “What glorious, joyous surprise does God have in store for me today.” I think that’s the best way to start a day and a really wonderful way to bring attention to the “little things” that are some of our greatest blessings.

Count your big and little blessings and watch them multiply!

Kiss of Serendipity

SERENDIPITY. I love this word and all that it means and represents. A happy accident. A sweet turn of events. A perfect surprise of circumstance. The word itself ~ serendipity ~ rolls sweetly off the tongue.  It’s not a word we use much, but so often it is a word that simply and perfectly comes to life. I think I shall put this word more prominently into my vocabulary. I like the rhythm and the magic of it.

For the movie lover, Serendipity is a great romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. The star-crossed lovers meet for a brief encounter in an accidental shopping exchange. They are intrigued by the chemistry and attraction but choose to leave their relationship to fate. They spend years searching for each other. When it appears that all is lost and they resign themselves to a life without each other, serendipity swoops in and brings them back together. It is both a love story and a holiday story. In my house, that’s the perfect combination.

For the sweets lover – it is a wonderful restaurant/ice cream establishment in NYC. Serendipity 3 is featured in the movie and filled from top to bottom with kitsch and colorful chatzky. The lines are long because of its popularity, but the treats are divine and the atmosphere cozy. In my view, it’s worth the wait if you want to linger and experience a sweet treat. (Note, the frozen hot chocolate is a favorite.) It is also famous for a different and extravagant menu item. If you are quite rich and so inclined, you can order the most expensive ice cream sundae anywhere – including edible gold. It’s so rare you have to call ahead so they can bring in the ingredients to make it up special. 

For the believer, serendipity is so much more. For some it is the hand of God, or to others, the fates of the universe coming to bring what is right and good into their life – at the perfect time, for the perfect need or desire. Things fall beautifully, rightfully, almost miraculously into place. Do you recognize serendipity in your life? I have seen it upon occasion. Once in the chance meeting on a business trip that turned into a new, long distance friendship. I’ve recognized it in the eyes of those who receive a random act of kindness. I’ve lived it when my brother found me through a string of serendipitous miracles after being separated for 25 years. I see it in the perfect outcome of an unidentified and unspoken prayer.

Whatever you believe. Whatever your heart is desiring. Whatever your unspoken need – I wish you the kiss of SERENDIPITY.