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Open Letter to Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dear Dr. Wayne Dyer,

Today in my mind’s eye, I have seen with crystal clarity the look in your eye – the recognition and the remembering. I know. And I share this with you so that you too may know.

You have heard the praises of many from every corner of the world. You have inspired noblemen and housewives. You have lit the path of poor, lonely, and mighty masters of this universe. You are a blessing and I am grateful for the path that led your words into my life. In reading and listening to your wisdom I have come to recognize that which I have created – both my misery and my victory. And I recognize that in the words of God and the wise sages of time, everything that needs to be known has been spoken before. In time before time we crafted these lives, these bodies, and this path. We devised a purpose that would bring ourselves and others closer to Divinity. And we are living that purpose today. You in your corner of the universe, and me in mine.

As I look into my future through the eyes of my desires, imagination, and creation I see myself standing next to you. We meet, friend to friend and soul to soul. In that moment in time we shall pass wisdom and knowledge back and forth from all that we know and all that we wish to learn. And once again, we shall know that our paths have crossed before. And I will look again into your eyes and see communion with God.

I know not when. I know not how. But I know … we shall speak again. Until then, be blessed my friend and mentor. Namaste.




On the Brink of Change – original poem


Standing here, on the brink of change I dangle my toes over.

Spurred by the sticky sensation of old habits dripping down my back

The lure of a better way, a better day tickles my hesitant feet.

I glance back at the days of the past unsatisfied by what was.

That is enough.

That is what finally tempts me to take the first step.

And change begins just like that.

Not with a big bang, but with a single step.

I am in the midst.

I move forward aware of the long path ahead.

With each step, I notice “what was” is throwing stones to get attention.

The comfort zone of discontentment cannot lure me back.

It is becoming a diminishing speck.

I grasp the hand of new habits, new thoughts, and new action.

Change has become my new friend welcoming me into new sensations and realizations.

This is my creation, full of the sparkle of mystery and opportunity.

I am new knowing it doesn’t have to be the way it was,

Now that I’ve left the brink of change.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

SkyDeck Chicago sky ledge foot

SOULS ALIVE – original poem

                                         SOULS ALIVE

Inside of you and inside me is a soul designed to create.

Born to bring to life a piece of what makes us great.

In the dark of our imagination, a flicker of light does grow.

And into the day comes the manifestation of that which makes us glow.

From the second we see it forming in the back of our mind’s eye.

The essence begins to take its shape in a way we can’t deny.

Once it blooms into a form we ought not hide it away.

Because the creation that comes from our best must be given away.

Whether it’s art, or words of wisdom, or whether our gift is love,

We can trace its origins back to source, our creator, God above.

There is no chaos or drift of fate that allows for the act of creation.

For without an artist to think it up, there is no imagination.

You and I are the final product of the great Creator’s hand.

With love, a word, and nothing more, he made us on command.

And now in his image, and with the power of his heritage within.

We must stir up our spirit, and muster our courage to have ourselves begin.

To create the world we long to have, where everyone can thrive.

Is  exactly the reason we have power within to bring our souls alive.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

Fingerprint of God

I was recently speaking to one of my dearest friends about her family, as we often do. She was telling me about her teenage son’s journey into questioning his faith. Until now he had always believed in God. There are lots of things fueling this change. As is a natural process, he’s growing into his own. He’s looking at life through his own eyes and not just through the stories his parents have told him. He’s experiencing people with different beliefs and circumstances that make all people question the sense of life and death. I believe, until and unless we question that which has been told to us, we don’t actually have real faith. It isn’t until we look into the face of doubt that we decide whether we can believe in a power greater than ourselves who is all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-powerful.

One comment my friend made about her son brought me back to my own days of discovering what I believe. She said, if he could find some hard fact evidence it would cement his faith and he would no longer question God. That is the crux of the matter isn’t it? It is that exact craving that we humans desire most to satisfy – to know without a shadow of a doubt. But then that isn’t faith, is it? I can’t say I ever didn’t believe, but in my early 20’s I did question why and how I could believe. For me, I’ve always had a sense of God in my life. But my searching lead me to look for evidence and I found it in nature. I have not found any possible way that all this could come from nothing. There has to be an architect in order for there to be architecture. There must be an ordered intelligence that has the ability to alter chaos into pattern. It matters not whether people tell me there was a big bang with evolution or a 7 day creation story. Either way, I believe there was first God, who is capable of creating this world from either method. The how is not important, but the WHO is.

As I look at this crazy world we live in, I don’t believe the “devil is in the details”. I believe God is in the details. Have you looked at patterns of nature? Have you heard of the Fibonacci sequence? It’s also known as the fingerprint of God. It is the exact pattern of spirals that exist throughout nature. It is precise and exact in its repetition. Just like a painter adds a signature to their work, God has put his signature on nature. Chance and nothingness cannot create an exact pattern in every created thing from galaxies to animals to plants to humans. Without a Divine planner, the plan could not unfold. These are the facts I urged my friend to have her son explore.

Here’s a few examples. I invite you to learn more and perhaps you too will see the fingerprint of God. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Matthew 7:7


Love and Love Again

I am constantly reminded of the resilience of the human heart. People often remark about the ability of young children to recover and bounce back so quickly. But I am also aware of how well adult hearts do the same thing. We may not notice it as readily because we analyze and feel hurts so deeply. Not that children don’t but adults understand the big picture and the impact, consequence, and permanence of deaths, break-ups, and losses at a level children do not.

I also see the progress forward in deep and meaningful ways in the hearts of adults. I am in awe at the ability of our spirit to learn from what has caused us pain and to adjust accordingly. And even in the midst of pain we can keep moving. I have seen many a heart broken only to watch that same person allow themselves to love again within a relatively short time. I have watched while tragedy strikes and loved ones pass to the next life. And despite the pain and mourning, the survivors move day-by-day into healing. They will never be able to forget those loved ones and no-one thinks they should. However, they are able to let other joys come back into their lives, a little at a time.

I know that pain is a portion of this earthly life. And life does, without fail, keep moving. The heartaches mold our sensitivity and compassion. The losses teach us our vulnerability and our boundaries. But through it all and in spite of it all, we rebound and learn to love, play, and live again, resiliently.

It is an amazing creation, this human heart. Love and love again, and be blessed!