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Daydream believing …

Today I am feeling hopeful and ever so optimistic.

Haha – as I read that I know there are people who know me that will chuckle because that seem to be “just who I am”. True, I tend to live my life, whenever possible, in that frame of mind. However, there is a shift in the air – one that is guiding me and nudging me toward creating all that I allow my mind to dream up. I have aspirations, dreams, and plans to create a life coaching business that combines my 30+ years of business and human resources experience, along with the depth and breadth of the spiritual growth and learning I’ve gathered along the way. My coaching certification will be complete soon and I am well on my way of bringing these things together. 2014 has so much to offer and I’m looking forward to the journey.

What are you creating in your day dreaming, life dreaming moments of clarity? I’d love to hear all that you dream of becoming!

Be blessed!

Soul Tending

I had some real insights today when I was participating in a SoulCollage ® workshop with my friend Mar. Our theme today was gratitude, and as I wrote earlier this week, it’s a topic I’m working on in my life in general. During my one-to-one sharing I dug a little deeper into one of the images that I had created (see right). The experience left me a bit in awe. I’m not surprised really – that’s what “tending the soul” does when we actually take time to do it.

Have you ever taken the time to look back at the hopes and dreams that you had as a young adult? It is a time when the innocence of spirit is fresh and all things are possible. In that time we have an image of ourselves – how we want to live our lives, the impact we wish to have in the world. And the ideals of who we are and what our life’s purpose is. I remember those days and I always thought that I’d do small things that would make me and my family comfortable. Sure, I wanted to learn and progress in my career. I wanted to marry and have a family. But it seems I wasn’t dreaming big then – well, not as big as I am today.

In my reflection time, I also tarried a bit to notice the struggles and the barriers that my younger self was faced with. Those changed my course time after time. Some of them eroded the edges of my dreams. Others created opportunities for me to choose my convictions, solidify my beliefs, and create my current path. The result of this reflection is the realization that my current self, my current wisdom and strengths, are actually greater than “what could have been.”

I live larger now than I thought I would. I spread my passion broadly. I love with greater compassion than I ever thought was possible. I listen, discern, and rely on my intuition because I have come to know that it is my greatest link to my truth. The current, older version of myself is exactly who I am meant to be. That’s a wonderful insight. It’s liberating actually. It’s also a challenge for me to fulfill my true purpose, and not just the dreams of a younger version of myself. I am where I am supposed to be. All is well.

Be blessed!


Excuses, excuses

Today I have to laugh at my daughter. She’s a really smart girl with lots of ambition and well on her way to a successful career. Well, that’s how I describe her on most days. Today she went to complete some paperwork for her new job and then headed to school for her projects. She’s been gone several hours and I was sure she was making great progress in her busy day.

Then she showed up back at home with her little girl voice on telling me all the reasons she “couldn’t do stuff.” I was laughing out loud at her laundry list of procrastination. She was cold, her friend didn’t show up, the lights wouldn’t come on, she forgot her ruler, her favorite coffee house coffee tasted bad, etc, etc, etc. In the end she sat in a dark, cold classroom watching TV on her laptop. What a funny girl having a silly day. Now, her only desire is a hot cup of  coffee and a warm blanket to get her back into a better way before going out with her boyfriend. Since she graciously brought me a cup of hot chocolate, I guess I’ll cut her some slack.

We all have days like that don’t we? Things don’t go as we expect or want. The desire to simply sit and stew in it all seems like the thing to do to avoid another bit of disappointment. We all have excuses and leaning on them for a day here and there won’t end the world or severely disadvantage us. But if they become the norm we’re in trouble. If we always have our eyes on the problems and not on the goals, we really won’t get where we dream to go.

Tomorrow is another day.Hang in there Maria!  Keep dreaming, keep doing … and be blessed!


Scared into Action!

Do your dreams scare you?

Nope, not the nightmarish sleeping dreams. I mean your day dreams. Is your dream so big that it scares you? I was talking about this today to a friend. They have been feeling like life has no upside and nowhere to go but what’s real today. This is all there is. No hope, just daily existence. I wanted to shift their thinking from impossible to the possible. So I asked them to dream a dream, make a wish that is so big it scares them. But it scares them because life without that dream would not be unacceptable.

It was a concept they had never dared to explore. I could tell by the long pause and under the breath “WOW” that they actually, for a split second, allowed a dream that big to flash before them. Suddenly the lilt in their voice changed. And in that moment something changed for them. They said the 3 words that can make a difference … “I want that.” And then it scared them again. This time it was the fear that we all face – I’m not worthy. What if it’s not possible? What about the barriers? It’s too big. I don’t know how. Nothing like that happens to me.

With a gentle whisper and nudging “shhhhhh” I gave them an assignment. For homework they had to not look at what was hard about it, but actually research what was real about it. What are the facts – the process, the cost, the waiting periods, the preparation time, and the steps from here to there. I know when you have a dream that you take even a little action on, it grows and gets stronger. That’s why I want them to research it. Break it into manageable bites sized pieces. Identify the quick wins and the big needs. Just begin.

I’m glad my friend has a dream that scares them. And then it hit me – their dream scared me too because I might be a piece of the puzzle to help them achieve it. Goosebumps and silly grins – I’m scared now. I love it!!!

Scare yourself into action and be blessed!

Big Plans!

“Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir the blood.

Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

I received this quote from a friend of mine before she left my department (thanks Maureen – I still treasure it). It had hung in her cubicle and every time I saw it, it gave me pause. It is a great reminder that we are not created to be small – we are created to be big, powerful, and full of possibilities. Since then I keep seeing versions of it – reminding me of how important it is to remain aware. And … haunting, or is that taunting, me a bit.

It gives me pause because I’m not sure my plans are big enough. My dreams are … but not my plans. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routines of work, kids, pets, yard, cleaning, family, friends, obligations, and celebrations. And after all that activity I find myself drifting off to at the end of the day feeling like I’m no further down the road than I was the day before.

So I’m taking some time off work to use up a bit of vacation next week. No plans to travel. No big events. Just me (and fluffy puppy). I think I’ll use this time off to work on my plans. Surely I can do some big brainstorming. I’ll be planning, plotting, scheming … but if that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll be doing my taxes. Wish me luck!

What are your big plans? Perhaps they will rub off on me and I will get inspired!

Be blessed!