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Delightful Re-entry Day

Today was re-entry day. I am sure I’m not alone in declaring that these are decidedly NOT my favorite work days.

You know the one. It’s the day when you come back after being off for any number of vacation, travel, or training days. Any relief you felt from being in a different environment is quickly swept away in the hustle and bustle of reading umpteen million emails (only a slight exaggeration in my role). The back-to-back meetings with no break for biological needs remind me of why I have the habit of holding my breath (and crossing my legs)  sometimes. I feel a little bit like my childhood self who kept spinning in place until I fell down from lack of equilibrium. I’m not quite hitting my stride yet, and as usual for these “delightful” re-entry days, I wanted to take a nap about 1:30.

However, I am not complaining – just acknowledging my reality. I actually like my job, my colleagues, and the company I work for. I am blessed to have meaningful work that uses my passion and skills, even if I felt one step behind today. I shall remain grateful for the opportunity to call it complete. So, with no flourish, and not much ado I’m gonna go home and pet fluffy puppy, chat with girly-goo, watch a little mindless entertainment on the tube, and hit the sack early.

Whether you are coming or going … be blessed on your way!