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Mirror Moments

Laura-Williams’-Creative-Invisible Reflection-Photo-Session-2I experienced one of those “mirror moments” today. I was attending a  community group today with a lovely bunch of women. The session included some reflective, quiet time and supportive sharing.  Right in the middle of this lovely energy we were interrupted by a very indignant woman barging into the space being rude and accusatory without reason. She was the mother-of-the bride who was preparing for the wedding that was to take place later in the day in the same venue.

After she left the space we all quickly cleared her energy from the room and sent her loving thoughts. The irony was that the session was about the mother archetype. What I realized as time went on was that “mad mama bear” energy the woman brought into the room was a reflection back to me (and perhaps others) of the effect that aggressive mothering has on others. One one hand, I felt offended by her and pity for her daughter who was experiencing such negative energy on such a beautiful day. On the other hand, I saw myself in her from times in past when I felt the need to lash out to protect my rights, my children’s rights, or just because I was stressed. That mirror moment, while brief, has left an imprint on my mind and my heart.

I hope I remember that impact and that woman the next time my “mama bear” emotions rear up. I hope I hold the mirror up fast enough to not take that energy into the groups of people that I encounter. If I make this mistake, I pray that others will clear that energy from the room and send me loving thoughts as we did today.

And, while it was disconcerting, I find it also stirred up my compassion. It reminds me that everywhere I go, there are people experiencing life as unfair and difficult, stressed beyond their own recognition. I choose to use that compassion and that recognition as deeper motivation to use my energy to shift the energy around me for good.

Blessings dear bride, and peace to you “mama bear” – may the wedding be a joyous moment free of aggressive, stressed out energy.

Be blessed!



Shifting – original poem


The winds of change are sweeping unceasingly upon us.

Never guessing where the next shift will be, we are on guard.

Always with eyes in front and behind, we fidget with suspicion.

Relief coming in fitful bouts of sleep or distraction.

This pace is a frenzy that we are unable to sustain.

Collective discomfort is showing its wear and strain.

So, in contrast, I breathe.

In and out with a rhythm dictated by my attention.

With each movement of air a little more tension dissolves.

In open surrender I flow within this state of change.

Worry is useless and guessing ineffective.

Energy is restored with each mindful choice to let go.

All things fall in place once they are surrendered.

What will be shall manifest itself in due and rightful timing.

I am afloat in my conscious state of releasing.

And peace begins to restore itself around me.

My mind may wander but my spirit is at rest once more.

Shifting through change, from chaos to calm.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

Power Off

At work we are observing Earth Week with a variety of activities. Our main focus is themed as “Power Off”. By turning off wasteful or energy hogging items we can reduce our usage and do our part to take care of Mother Earth.

That phrase “power off” immediately makes me look at other areas where conserving or eliminating energy might fare us well. Here’s just a few that quickly come to mind:

1) Judging ourselves as “less than.” Reality is – we are neither more than nor less that anyone else. Our journey is sprinkled with lessons to learn which includes a better understanding of what we can achieve if we choose to. We may make mistakes but they define the areas that need more attention or education. Some things we accept as gifts and others as opportunities. But none of it makes us “less than” in any way.

2) Only looking around the bend. This is sometimes the most difficult switch to “power off” because the line between dreams/goals and dissatisfaction is a fine line indeed. This is especially true if we compare what we have to what others have. We haven’t lived their trials so we surely can’t live their successes.  I’ve learned that gratitude for what I already have is the quickest way to attract more of what I want. When I spend energy to appreciate where I am, who I’m with, and what I have achieved, I actually build more energy to continue to create positivity. And that amplifies our energy. Switching off dissatisfaction actually gives us more.

3) Playing with temptation. Oh, the enticing call of that which is not in our best interests. Be it another handful of cookies (or candy, or chips …) or the short-sighted desire to live above our means or to follow the path to selfishness in any of its forms, is always a futile act of flirtation. We are flirting with regret and regression when we don’t flip the switch on this one. ‘Nuff said – we all know this is the hardest, most stuck of all things to “power off.” This is also the one area we do well to join forces and help each other. Lending a hand when a friend or loved one is falling toward their temptation may not be easy but it is always worthwhile.

These are just a glimpse at some energy hogging areas of life. We all have a lengthy list, if we spend a bit of time to be aware. Any efforts we make to tip the balance on the energy drains of our life make it easier to continue to change habits and reverse our limitations.

Will you power off with me? Be blessed!

Wings Revealed – original poem


Out of the whisper of a prayer

The winds shift, drawing my attention.

From the lush green of the space emerges grandeur.

With grace, the mighty presence stretches

To reach his full and powerful stature.

Blinking in awe and surprise

I see that which was always hidden from my view.

Beside him, with effervescent glory stands a golden guardian.

Rushing to take action to ready the path

She moves with radiant intention.

And within a matter of moments the call is made.

Without hesitation a gathering begins to form.

With a frolic of wings and golden light

There stands a representation of spirit.

Angels keeping the space with a protective energy.

Celebrating the intention and movement of

human connection to self and others.

All are in the presence of the served.

And we are blessed.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

Rocks and rings and things that go bling

Hi, my name’s Barb, and I’m a ringoholic.  Oh that’s right – there is no self help group for those of us who are addicted to jewelry. DARN the luck!

It’s not a deadly disease but it is an addiction. I just love rocks and rings and things that go bling! I can’t help it, I’m a girly girl.

I realized about a year ago why I’m so drawn to rings  – it’s really the only jewelry I wear that I get to look at and since I’m on the computer so much for work and life, I get to look at them alot.  I’m not much of a bracelet girl – oh don’t get me wrong, I’m drawn to them but I just don’t like to wear them much because they bother my wrist when I type.

But rings – now that’s my thing. I have a pretty extensive collection and while I have a few faux rings, 95% of what I own are real gemstones. And the blingier (yep I made that word up) the better! Yes, it’s a “sickness”. Yes, at times my friends have staged interventions, usually at my own request.

But I enjoy this hobby so much. I’ve learned a ton about the different stones and their qualities and hardness, etc. I’m a believer in both the sophisticated and the whimsy available in the designs. (See my penguin ring – a fun design by Victoria Wieck). I’ve even learned, and experienced the energetic values and aspects of the different stones. Some gems just feel good and right when I wear them.

If you see me at the jewelry store, you can bet I’m browsing the cases looking for the next find on my list. Let’s see what’s on my wish list:    watermelon tourmeline,  rubies,  and emeralds.

Ahhh, just looking at the pictures stirs my heart. If you see me shopping – stop and say hi. Likely we can find a blingy bit of treasure for you. Be careful though – you might need to start “feeding the beast” too!


This week I had a converstion with a friend about the science of healing.  Most people think of healing as that in the physical – requiring biology, medicine, and technology.  What we often forget about is the other aspects of healing.  Healing of hearts, minds, emotions, spirit, friendships, relationships and soul.  There is a “science” to each of these healings but they aren’t about the physical sciences you learn about in school.

For example – I have recently become the owner of a puppy which has it’s challenges and it’s rewards.  One of the unexpected outcomes was the ability to receiving healing from this puppy.  It’s such a synergistic relationship.  She relies on me for food, water, exercise, time, and those essentials.  But I have come to rely on her for the healing of my energy after a day of work or problem solving.  Yes, there’s the obvious unconditional love that we all know about.  I mean a deeper healing.  When we find ourselves staring deeply into the eyes of another creature or person there’s an energy exchange that is healing.  Oh, this sounds kind of silly when I read it on the screen but it’s real and I’m just becoming aware more and more lately about energy exchange and what it feels like and what it looks like.  I already know about what this is like with other people but was surprised to feel it from an animal.

So … now I’m on a journey to learn about healing energies.  Join me?