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Have you ever noticed how tightly the timing in life seems to be? I can’t tell you the number of times that a second, minute, hour, or day made all the difference. It reminds me of a phrase I often hear at work: “Just in time, just enough.” I think that the universe works inside that philosophy as well.

Whether we are in a pessimistic or optimistic frame of mind changes how we see this phenomenon of life. If we are experiencing life as a crisis, then we scramble desperately for the last-minute rescue. If we are in a place of calm and confidence (aka peace and faith) then we see it as the Divine timing in life. We can learn to count on it. I’ve written about that before in 11:59 God.

Where are you in the spectrum? Are you going with the flow? Are you accessing the perfect timing and relying upon it’s recurrence? Are  you panicking and grasping at every straw to try to force what you need? When we resist and struggle we actually find ourselves tangled in the web of panic.

For just a couple of moments focus on the breath of life within you. Remember the times, over and over again, that things worked out in the most perfect precision. All the panic and worry came to nothing. Do it differently this time. Deliberately, with gusto and positive belief, speak your intention. And then let it go.

Once you set the intention, let God work out the timing. You can and should then focus on what your hands, heart, mind and body can do for someone else. Be their angel or helpful agent. I know, I know – it’s sounds to easy. I assure you – it isn’t EASY. But it does work. Just this once, trust. It will prove itself to be the best thing  you can do.

Trust and be blessed.


“When you give to or do something for another person you set into motion the flow of giving in the world. Your impact multiplies and swirls in every direction because giving is not a static energy. Give, change the world, and be blessed!” ~ Barbara Bernard Miller