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Baby Fun


Yikes – it’s been forever since I wrote on my blog. Nope, haven’t been sick but have been busy. No excuse I suppose but in life we prioritize day-by-day. I miss writing and interacting with my friends and fans here. So I come back today for a lighthearted revelry.

This weekend my middle sister and I hosted a baby shower for my youngest sister. We had a great time between preparing and laughing as we attempted various things from Pinterest. Yes, we successfully made a diaper cake and a melon baby in a watermelon bassinet (see picture). At one point there were 6 hands in that watermelon trying to situate the baby “just right”. Between my mom, sister, and I, we finally got it right. And we were pleased to say that it stayed sweetly intact the entire time. And we laughed – about our own baby showers, the cuteness of the tiny little baby clothes and need for “magic butt cream” (don’t ask – my sister and her husband are pharmacists). Of course, we laughed about the lack of sleep we endured as well. And when Sunday rolled around and the house was impeccably cleaned and decorated with tiny clothes on a clothesline and balloons and tissue puffs all around, we were pleased with the results.

When the mom-to-be arrived she looked so adorable with her little basketball belly and bright eyes. I remember, with just a tiny bit of sentimentality, those days from my own maternity stories. Yep, it’s hard to remember the details, but I remember the emotion – the half nervous, half excited feeling as the baby’s kick got stronger and stronger. I know my sister will be a fabulous mother. She’s an excellent teacher, a wonderfully creative girl, and sweet. Probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

And now, we are simply left to wait in anticipation for the bouncing baby girl angel to arrive sometime in mid November. She’ll be here in time for her first Thanksgiving. And won’t we all be blessed!

Enjoy the little angels in your life, and be blessed!


Family Game Night

We have a new institution in our family this year – Family Game Night. We did this because, in spite of us all (Mom and Dad, and my 2 sisters and I) living about 10 minutes apart, we almost never see each other. There’s a work schedule here or a volleyball game there and scheduling a dinner out almost never works for everyone. Oh the pressure of getting it “just right”. Now, don’t get me wrong – we’re not estranged or anything. We see each other on the holidays and for a specific reason here or there, but not to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company. So this year we decided that would be the best Christmas present to each other – the gift of time!

We’re rotating houses – Mom and Dad, Tammi and her family, Nikki and her husband, and me and my kids. This way, no-one has to have the burden of always “entertaining.” We host only 3 times a year. And the hostess gets to pick the date and time for her month. Yeah we’ll probably loosely check availability but there’s no pressure. If you can come – come. If you can’t, no sweat there’s always another one next month. And as I learned yesterday at our first shindig, it’s a “red solo cup” kind of party. For you country music/Toby Keith fans you’ll know exactly what that means. Me – I had to be “educated”. 

So with the fan fare of the country music song playing in the background, we had our first Family Game Night yesterday. Nothing fancy. No pressure. Only fun – and boy was it! We hooted and hollered. We ate and sang a little. We teased and strategized. We chatted and caught up and we had a lot of fun. Just family – the old-fashioned way where there’s no deadlines and no rules. There’s nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company.

I can’t wait for next month when it’s my turn (sans the country music though). lol

Rocks and rings and things that go bling

Hi, my name’s Barb, and I’m a ringoholic.  Oh that’s right – there is no self help group for those of us who are addicted to jewelry. DARN the luck!

It’s not a deadly disease but it is an addiction. I just love rocks and rings and things that go bling! I can’t help it, I’m a girly girl.

I realized about a year ago why I’m so drawn to rings  – it’s really the only jewelry I wear that I get to look at and since I’m on the computer so much for work and life, I get to look at them alot.  I’m not much of a bracelet girl – oh don’t get me wrong, I’m drawn to them but I just don’t like to wear them much because they bother my wrist when I type.

But rings – now that’s my thing. I have a pretty extensive collection and while I have a few faux rings, 95% of what I own are real gemstones. And the blingier (yep I made that word up) the better! Yes, it’s a “sickness”. Yes, at times my friends have staged interventions, usually at my own request.

But I enjoy this hobby so much. I’ve learned a ton about the different stones and their qualities and hardness, etc. I’m a believer in both the sophisticated and the whimsy available in the designs. (See my penguin ring – a fun design by Victoria Wieck). I’ve even learned, and experienced the energetic values and aspects of the different stones. Some gems just feel good and right when I wear them.

If you see me at the jewelry store, you can bet I’m browsing the cases looking for the next find on my list. Let’s see what’s on my wish list:    watermelon tourmeline,  rubies,  and emeralds.

Ahhh, just looking at the pictures stirs my heart. If you see me shopping – stop and say hi. Likely we can find a blingy bit of treasure for you. Be careful though – you might need to start “feeding the beast” too!

Progressive Sunday

This weekend I get to partake in a Miller family tradition – it’s progressive dinner time. The family on my paternal grandmother’s side is huge!  My grandma was the oldest girl of many and throw in a couple of brothers and things grow very quickly. The day would start pretty early in the morning at one aunt’s house and progress throughout the day to another and another and another. It’s traditionally been held the Sunday after Christmas but when it falls at New Years the date gets moved a bit and that’s what happened this year.

There are so many people there – all related and laughing and eating and chatting the day away. You might find a card game pop up and there’s almost always occasion for a raucous cheering about some sports game. Kids rarely ride from house to house with their own parents – it’s much more fun to scamper amongst the relatives and pick up rides with cousins.  I must admit, after all these years, I really don’t know everyone that comes anymore – I just know if I look at them I can probably figure out which branch of the tree they are swinging from – Hauser, Lipps, Frolicker, Busse, Miller, Polking, or Fischesser (gosh – did I miss any?). It’s a big gang for sure, and boy can it get loud. But every once in a while I’ll sit there quietly (not for long mind you) and just take it all in. It’s the loud that comes with family that is familiar and close and comfortable with each other. I like that kind of loud, actually!

And you just never know what’s going to happen – through the years we’ve had to push cars, pull cars out of the mud, park down the street and hike through the snow – but it doesn’t matter. We all know we’re family and there’s always a helping hand and a supervising committee of uncles around to help out and “manage” the crisis.

These memories of progressive dinners gone by are precious ones. They evoke feelings of closeness of family and joys of childhood for me. The best progressive dinners in my memory are from my junior high years. My great-uncle, who was a priest, was affiliated with the Fenwick Club here in Cincinnati. Oh my goodness those were great days. We would wind our way through the myriad of homes until we landed for the evening at the Fenwick Club. The dads and uncles would gravitate towards cards, football or billiards. The moms and aunts would chat and refresh the food and look after the little ones. And us kids – well we had free reign of the place. We would gleefully bounce between the food tables, swimming pool, racquetball courts, listening to the adults, sneaking a swig or two and just randomly messing around.  We would catch up on all the stuff at school and foreign exchange students and who got what for Christmas. Someone was always bringing a friend so there were of course the long discussions of whose friend was cute and who was a dork. We never ran out of places to play and explore. We never got bored. We would tease and compete and giggle and simply and completely wear ourselves out.

It’s a good tradition, this progressive party. I can almost taste the goulash, coney dogs, deviled eggs and grandma’s famous German potato salad with the warm bacon dressing. Yum! And yep, someone will always be looking for a purse or glove. Ahhh – I love my family!