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Manteo Mitchell – olympic hero

As many people are doing these day, I was discussing the Olympics with my friends. Part of the conversation was about medals and specific games. We’re all having a ton of fun enjoying the feats of athletes with skills beyond imagination. We cheer on our team and root for the underdog. Whenever I watch the gymnastics I am always amazed that human bodies have the ability to do what they do. Seriously! Amazing! And yes, gymnastics are definitely my favorite sport. But I’m also all about broadening my scope and spreading attention to the other sports.

It’s fun to know that we are coming together to appreciate both great skill, perseverance, as well as fair competition. And then there are those who take their dedication to the next level. Did you see the 4×400 relay semi-finals. One of our USA runners managed to not only help power our team to the finals, but he did it while running the last half of his leg of the race on a broken leg. WOW!!!

Manteo Mitchell is the new generation’s hero who put his dedication, his dream, and his team before his personal interest. I am both awed and proud of the spirit inside this man. He did what he thought anyone would do but I must admit, I don’t know anyone else who would have done that.

And this led me to the next thought which is – what am I so passionate about that I would see it through in excellence and in spite of tremendous pain. Do I even know? This weekend will be filled with much introspection as I work through some things going on at work – and now even more so in light of the heroic example of Manteo Mitchell.

Run on and be blessed!