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My Soul Stirs – original poem

Binary-Star-2-PhotoMY SOUL STIRS

Standing in the middle of movement, the twirling, swirling world moves around me.

With no warning. No clue. No signal.

Action fades into a standstill.

I caught a glance and my soul stirs.

I am suddenly and excitedly alive.

With every breath of air the goosebumps rise.

A green and vibrant vision appears.

Angels voices arise mingling with your words.

I see a new dimension where energy abounds.

With each moment, each hour, each revelation the connection is cementing.

I did not know the revelation was on the horizon.

Taken aback and yet surging full speed into possibility.

Oneness. Power. Collaboration.

I do what I know and it grows.

You do what you know and it explodes.

Healing and the healer emerging in a breath.

Souls embracing remembered power.

I see you more clearly.

Nothing will be the same.


And my soul shivers.

~ Barbara Bernard Miller

I can just be me

It is true that time heals all wounds. Of course, it goes quicker and smoother if you participate in the process. I haven’t always known that.

For me, some of the healing has taken over 40 years, mostly because of my resistance. The biggest resistance was to my birth mother and all that she represented. It not only put a physical, emotional, and mental distance between me and her, but it also kept me isolated from my siblings. The resistance was fueled by harsh memories, broken promises, blatant lies, and evil acts. So it was by choice that I resisted.

I have come to realize there were blessings which were delayed because the healing was delayed by my resistance. Now, as I let go of the anger and hurt, I find the ability to open my heart to the possibility of merging my birth identity with my adopted identity. Just making that statement brings my heart to the brink of both fear and peace. Can it really be so? Imagining a life that is converged vs. the before and after orphanage lives I’ve been living for many, many years has a great appeal.  This healing brings me face-to-face with the others who lived through the unraveling of a family. I can now see them differently and separate them from the pain of the past. In that separation I am gaining connections. One-by-one and little-by-little I am merging my history with my present. The healing continues …

Because of my faith, and my maturing, healing heart, I can let these connections in so that we all might be whole. Leonard, Theresa, Shirley, Jimmy, Charlotte, Lynnette and William deserve the healing too. The future looks different to me today. I don’t have to give up one identity, to gain the other. I can just be. I can just be … me.

God is good, his timing is perfect, and I am blessed. Be blessed too!

I would never be the same …

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up on an ordinary day and realize that a long nagging pain had suddenly dissipated. It happened to me and the emotional effect was amazing.

You see, as a small child at the age of 3 I found my world forever altered as I walked into the orphanage that was to be my home. I no more understood how and why I got there than how I was ever going to get out. Don’ t feel sorry for me. My existence there wasn’t miserable. I wasn’t mistreated like hollywood would have you imagine. I had friends and siblings and nuns who actually cared. I had dreams, responsibilities and my expansive imagination.

But there was one other thing that I carried with me and that was a new companion called abandonment. Dang what a nagging cold and elusive trickster. I have found him lurking and smirking at me inside every relationship I have ever encountered. He was hanging out with my friends, disappointed family members, men of all sorts, but most pervasively inside my own mind. I had fallen prey to his curious wiles and had abandoned myself by practicing the fine art of self doubt. What a deflating realization.

Oh yes, I admit I became a master at role playing. Sometimes hiding behind my mask of strong, confidant woman. At other times just being the jokester with irreverent sarcasm and self preservation. I crafted a wall of protection so perfect that I didn’ t recognize it under it’s cloaking devises.

And just when I was thoroughly conned into accepting that people leave me -always, it happened. Mighty Inspiration. The book that to many is a touching bit of truth. But to me, the author, it was a living and breathing love letter. From the first day of the experience that is chronicled in its pages I knew that I was not alone and had never been abandoned. GOD loves me. He said so. I heard it and felt it and knew I would not ever be the same.

I still sometimes feel the nagging memory of the little girl inside reminding me of the pain and betrayal of one or another person who walked away from my life. But then I always hear the words again …”I wanted to be with you so I created you.”

What message of love will you hear? What destructive pain will be healed for you? I implore you to find your relief and message too.

MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God

Be blessed!


This week I had a converstion with a friend about the science of healing.  Most people think of healing as that in the physical – requiring biology, medicine, and technology.  What we often forget about is the other aspects of healing.  Healing of hearts, minds, emotions, spirit, friendships, relationships and soul.  There is a “science” to each of these healings but they aren’t about the physical sciences you learn about in school.

For example – I have recently become the owner of a puppy which has it’s challenges and it’s rewards.  One of the unexpected outcomes was the ability to receiving healing from this puppy.  It’s such a synergistic relationship.  She relies on me for food, water, exercise, time, and those essentials.  But I have come to rely on her for the healing of my energy after a day of work or problem solving.  Yes, there’s the obvious unconditional love that we all know about.  I mean a deeper healing.  When we find ourselves staring deeply into the eyes of another creature or person there’s an energy exchange that is healing.  Oh, this sounds kind of silly when I read it on the screen but it’s real and I’m just becoming aware more and more lately about energy exchange and what it feels like and what it looks like.  I already know about what this is like with other people but was surprised to feel it from an animal.

So … now I’m on a journey to learn about healing energies.  Join me?