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Help please!

ImageHi – I’m trying to diagnose a problem and I need your help please. For the last 21 days I have seen no comments, likes, or reactions (other than the normal blocked spam) from my blog. While one might think this was simply a slump, I’ve never had any day with zero comments so 21 days is making me think there’s a problem. This is especially true as I usually get a surge of comments as I pick my new monthly charity for Comments for a Cause.

So I need to see if this is a technical problem. Would my readers please add a comment below so I can see if this is a technical issue? Since technical help doesn’t have email or contact info I don’t know another way to run a test.

If it’s not technical, well, let me know that too and I’ll step up my game on the content. Thanks all and be blessed!

Comments for a Cause – HEARTPRINTS.ORG

Hi all,

Today I heard about a totally cool idea and have decided to jump in with both feet. A fellow blogger that I follow, Beth Ann shared this with me. Check out her blog “It’s Just Life”. She’s been doing this for many months and feels the gratitude of her giving. I can’t help but catch the idea and carry it on.

So here’s how it works – the first day of each month I will pick a charity or cause and write about it here on my blog. At the end of the month I’ll count up all the legitimate comments I receive on that one blog and donate 50 cents per comment. I’m a day late to start but promise not to be a dollar short.  🙂


Heartprints is a wonderful, fledgling charity started by my friend Brian Siegel here in Cincinnati. I met Brian a couple of years ago by accidental connection. Well, I don’t believe in coincidences but I do believe in God and I know this chance meeting was at His hand! Brian had a vision to eradicate poverty of education. And as a pioneer always does, he put his money and actions where his mouth (and heart and dreams) is. He started this charity as a way to change lives of poor children – with a 3 pronged approach – tutoring, charitable giving, and job assistance.  After our connection Brian asked me to be on the Board of Directors. I did that willingly and with all my heart. I loved being a part of the early days.  And while my schedule doesn’t allow me to be as involved as my heart wants to be, I certainly can spread the word.

Heartprints is growing and evolving and I’m proud that he is bringing his dream to life. Check out the website, and donate your time, talent, or treasure if you so feel called.   www.heartprints.org

And in the meantime, don’t forget to leave your comments here on the blog so I can give the maximum donation with your help. Every comment counts so rack ’em up folks and help me, help my cause.

Be blessed!!!!



Have you ever noticed that what we often need is the opposite of what the “pain” makes us think?

I recently had a minor knee injury that I avoided handling when it was starting until it became much more painful and made me limp. In my stubborn and misguided mindset I thought I could just “walk it off”. In the end I did some doctoring and began working with a physical therapist. On more than just the physical level I found what I needed in the very thing I had avoided. The injury is healing nicely and progress is quick.

And in the midst of this physical situation I learned about life in general.You see, when my hamstring was suffering I learned I need to strengthen the thigh in the front. When my back is weak I need to strengthen my abs. It’s a matter of balance and compensation. It makes sense once I realized that one was compensating for the pain in the other and carrying all the weight. In order to mend I need to lean on the strength of the healthy muscles and build up the weaker ones.

And so it is in many ways. When we feel lonely we often withdraw instead of reaching out. When we are in pain we sometimes lash out for protection instead of asking for help. We push away those who love us in fear that they will hurt us. Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios? What is really true is we need to build the “other muscle” in order to heal and get what we need. It’s a simple concept but one that we talk ourselves out of for ego or fear-based reasons.

What if we knew we could trust? What if we knew we would receive help? What if our needs were not secret but rather they became satisfied. All good things to ponder.  So, what do you think?

Share and be blessed!

Power and Majesty

There is something about a thunderstorm that I just love. The air feels and smells different from any other weather pattern. Before it even arrives you can see it swelling in the distance. The calm before the storm is almost palpable. The animals scurry differently. The leaves on some trees flip over in anticipation of the drink. The sky is divided into darkness and light and rainbows are sometimes visible.

The combination of the rumble of the thunder, the even beating of the raindrops, and the flashing show of lightning all remind me of the power and majesty of nature. Or, as I believe, it demonstrates the power and majesty of God. Nature is both palette and gallery of the artistry of God.

To me, one of the best parts of weather is that it is one thing on earth that man cannot control. We cannot bribe, buy, dictate, strategize, blackmail, or command it. No one person can claim it’s power or use it as a weapon. It is the great equalizer. And I believe the result of this equalization actually brings out the best in people.

When natural or weather disasters strike, there is no rich or poor who is spared. No race or gender is favored. But rather, we become neighbors and community in a way that other issues and problems do not illicit. In the wake of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and the like we come together to search out those who are in distress so we can make it better. We gain courage to do heroic things for protection and recovery of life. We become more human and humane towards each other.

So today, as my area of the world is pelted with fierce storms, I will pray for the safety of people, animals, and possessions. And I will also bask, just a little bit, in the kindness of strangers that inevitably shows itself.

Be safe and be blessed!

Get over it people!!

HELP – I need my online community to help me pull my foot off the ledge today. We are an inefficient and illogical race, us human beings. Well, at least from the standpoint of my topic today.

I find it utterly and completely frustrating when people spend minutes, hours, days and a ton of energy complaining about something they HAVE to do instead of just DOING it!  You know … like going to a meeting their boss asks them to attend because it’s about their project. Or filling out insurance claim forms because they actually have insurance and used it to go to the doctor. Or driving their kids to all the after school and weekend extra-curricular activities that they signed them up for (aka forced them/encouraged them/allowed them to join). Or showing up for work when it’s raining/snowing/sun shining (fill in the weather blank). Or, my all-time personal favorite – complaining about how spoiled their kids are and how they just don’t appreciate the hard work/money that is spent on them at the same time said parent stands in line to pay for the next unnecessary and expensive toy/game/clothing that the kid pouted that they couldn’t live without. Are you KIDDING me?!


This behavior makes us our own worst enemy and either dumb, stupid, or crazy. Okay, that was harsh, but frankly I’m at my wit’s end hearing about it today. So I take a deep breath, and with all the integrity I can muster I practice patience and self-control. Except in this moment, I’m out of patience. Rather than slapping my complaining co-worker (oh how I really, really wish I could) or going home and taking it out on my kids or engaging in misdirected road rage, I am choosing to use this blog as a “safe” place to

LOUDLY  and C L E A R L Y say…

GET OVER IT PEOPLE!  STOP wasting my time, and your time, and everyone’s energy moaning and whining about it! If you HAVE to do it – just DO it already. If you don’t want to raise spoiled brats, quit spoiling them! If you don’t like the result of what you are doing – STOP it!!

Whew, there now. I feel better. No-one got hurt. I popped some steam from the pressure cooker of life and I can still smile at my complaining neighbor without the need to put them in their place. Wow, this is a cheap and effective “counseling” method. Thanks for the outlet. The money’s in the mail. Hopefully I won’t need this “counseling” moment for quite a while again.

So, let’s just all grin and bear it … and be blessed!

11:59 God

Have you ever noticed that God works on an “11th hour, 59th minute” time frame? It’s been my experience that during those times when things are at crisis mode and I’m about to give up or give in, that’s when He shows his hand.

I cannot tell you how often I’ve found myself with $1 left and a bill due the next day when a refund check I wasn’t expecting surprisingly shows up in the mail. Or another time when my son was a child and he had a mystery fever for 21 day. No doctor or hospital staff in the small town we lived in could find the cause or cure. We were driving the 2 hours back to the big city hospital for invasive tests when the fever broke and was gone before we arrived. No procedures, no painful tests were necessary.

I invite you to look for your own examples – has God been swooping in at the last moment for you as well? I have a theory as to why that is. I don’t know about you but I’m a “fixer”. That means when there’s a problem I will move heaven and earth to figure it out and find the solution. I will do research. I will pray and call on others to pray. I will call in favors or make critical calls to try to influence the people or the circumstances. I truly believe that God helps those who help themselves.

And I also believe that sometimes we have to come to the end of our physical solutions in order to fully and completely leave our problems at his feet. We have to exhaust our ego and our knowledge in order to move into a stance of faith and trust. It is from that position that we can fully appreciate that God is the only resort left. Time after time I have found myself in that postion of knowing that nothing else I can do will make a difference. And that’s when I pray at a deeper level. That’s when I muster the strength to do nothing more than believe and watch for God to move. And oh how deliciously glorious it is when He does indeed move!

So, while I hope that I have gone around this bush enough times to know I’ve learned my lesson, I am still humbly aknowledging that it is in the 11th hour and 59th minute that I see the full and glorious power of God in my life. He has never abandoned me and I believe He never will. His answers are not always what I wish for but they are each and every time, exactly what I need.

I pray that you see the glory of an 11th hour, 59th minute God in your life. Be blessed!

What’s holding you back?

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” ~ Denis Waitley

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague today. We were talking about barriers and things that we do that get in our way of moving forward. We all have them. And more likely than not, those around us can see ours most clearly. That’s not because they are right and you are wrong. And it’s definitely not that they are better than you. It’s just that we each are in the proverbial state of being too close to the trees to see the forest.

One of the barriers we talked about is the fear of making the wrong move. For my friend it was not wanting to get ahead of her husband in leading the family in the direction she feels God is showing her. She doesn’t want to drag him along when it’s a collective journey. And for me, sometimes I question myself (ability, knowledge, strength, courage ….) which causes me not to move at all. When I talk to friends they look at me and easily see that it isn’t my inability to do the thing, it’s my own fear that gets in my way. Yeah, I know this about me but I still get hooked by it.

It was an enlightening conversation and I left feeling very empowered and blessed by the exchange. I believe that’s why we are here on this journey together. We all have a different vantage point and can see things from a unique point of view. And we have different skills, abilities and strengths. When we use our full self and all that we have to offer in service of each other then we all get a little further along the path.

For me, I know this means I need to re-examine those things that I whisper to myself. When I’m afraid of something, I need simply to ask a trusted friend to get a sense as to whether it’s a valid fear. If it is, I know those around me will help me through it. And if it’s not – well I have to stop clinging to the fear.

What’s holding you back? Do you know what to do to get past it? I bet somewhere in your life God has placed a special someone who will help you move forward too. Reach out and be blessed!


“When you give to or do something for another person you set into motion the flow of giving in the world. Your impact multiplies and swirls in every direction because giving is not a static energy. Give, change the world, and be blessed!” ~ Barbara Bernard Miller

Do what you can

“If you can’t do it all – do what you can. If you can’t save them all – save who you can. If you can’t reach them all – reach who you can. Do what is in your power to do and be blessed!” ~ Barbara Bernard Miller

2 by 2

“Do not suffer alone. God always sends us out “2 by 2″ so that we do not have to carry the burdens of life alone and we have someone to celebrate the victories with. Lean on your friends and be blessed!”  ~ Barbara Bernard Miller


It seems these days there are so many people in need of prayers.  There are the people of Haiti, many friends with illnesses, cancers, and diseases, abused and displaced people, orphans and unemployed, and many more.  Now – Chile with this huge 8.8 earthquake and the surrounding countries under Tsunami alert.  I sit here in middle America knowing that what I have to give seems so little and yet it is still critical to give.  I can give money, volunteer for charities, donate food and clothing and even blood.  These things I do and yet it seems so ineffective.

All I have beyond the physical is my faith. It is with great longing that I offer up these people and more to the hands of God for help, peace and blessing.  I know my prayers do not go unnoticed or unanswered … and so I pray.  Will you join me?

Be blessed!

I’m Inspired!

I am so inspired by people who are not famous celebrities and yet they take their “ordinary” lives and do great things with them.  I’ve recently heard of and/or met people who are adopting children that other’s have turned away, or are volunteering great amounts of time or money in spite of working two jobs to support their family, or diligently tending to the sick or elderly, or they’ve created a charity because they see need in front of their face that they can’t live with.  I’m in awe at how much of their spirit they are sharing in the world.

In my book, MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God, the foundational message is all about identifying and using our gifts.  We have the ability to use the spirit inside of us to change our world – one person, one small act of kindness at a time.  I’m still discovering my gifts – and the best part is … there is no wrong answer.  If my heart is leading me in any direction, it really is the best direction for me at this moment in time.  So, this month I’m adding two new community activities/charities to my plate. I do this not so that I feel better about myself but because I want to find a way to make a difference.  I want my heart and hands to join with others to create a world I’m dreaming of.

I hope that you are discovering your gifts and forging bravely into action as you stir up your passions!

Be blessed!

Humanity for Haiti

I am so saddened by the news that comes out of Haiti.  Whether it’s about the poverty of the nation, the horrors of the aftermath of the earthquake, or the images and stories of the dead, dying, or barely surviving, I cannot watch the devastation of that nation without a profound sadness settling over me.

There is no way to understand why this happened and yet we will all search for the answers.  There have always been natural disasters on the earth that affected widespread groups of humanity. And, because of this I know that there will always be more.  For those that are gone, I believe they are safely and beautifully in the arms of God. Their journey in this world has ended only to begin their eternal communion with their Creator.

What does that leave for us? It leaves the opportunity to make an impact for those that remain. Our world’s attention is drawn to this nation in a way that is opposite of how we so effectively ignored it before. We as a collective humanity can pour out our attention, our compassion, our assistance and our inborn generosity to actually change and rebuild the poorest country in our hemisphere. We can, if only we will, change the future of this nation for good in a way that we have never been willing to do before.

My wish is that humanity will reach out to other dire nations in the world like Haiti in times before natural destruction and not just after them.  I am watching and hoping that we all do what we can – whether it’s money, goods, services, prayers, teaching, healing, etc. We are facing a chance to be a part of the rescuing and rebuilding of a neighbor. May God assist us in our work and may we succeed in using our gifts to make a difference, this time and the next.

Counting Angels

I am so amazed every day by the number of angels that flit (and walk) into my life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a special day or an ordinary Tuesday, I seem to be surrounded by them.

Do you notice the angels in your life? Here’s just a few I ran into today:

* The guy who let me into the correct lane during jam packed traffic so I wouldn’t miss my exit or my appointment.
* My friend who helped me pick up my papers when they went scattering on the floor.
* The acquaintance who popped in on my facebook to see how life was for me today.
* My oral surgeon who saved me from losing a couple of teeth.
* My boss who was more worried about my safety in driving to work than in whether I got there on time.
* My neighbor who always uses his snowblower on my sidewalk without telling me – I still don’t know which one it is.
* A stranger who offered to help me with some technical problems just because he knew how.
* My puppy who adores me (even though I didn’t share my supper with her).
* My aunt who is so proud of me that she buys and hands out my book just because she can.
* My colleague who knew I was out so she set up my meeting for me without hesitation or being asked.
* The postal worker who kept his window open past closing because he saw me approaching the door with packages.
* My friend who prayed for me and sent me a lovely email just because she was thinking of me.

My list could go on but I just thought I’d share since I was sitting here counting my angels.  Be blessed!